One that the many sought-after experiences because that wildlife and also nature enthusiasts, the good Migration is the ever-moving one migration of over a million animals across the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem. The continuous movement of columns that wildebeest, joined by a hold of companions, monitor an age-old route in search of grazing and water. ~ calving in the southern component of Tanzania"s Serengeti near the Ngorongoro conservation Area, the animals journey v the Serengeti up and around in a clockwise direction in the direction of the Masai Mara in Kenya, before returning when again near the end of the year. Follow me the way, high drama is always present, as thousands of animals are bring away by predators and thousands more are born, replenishing the numbers and sustaining the one of life.

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Below, learn much more about what is the good Migration; find a large overview of how the migration moves at various times transparent the year; or review some frequently asked questions about the good Migration.

Alternatively, use the food selection tabs listed below for detailed information top top when to take trip (including a map that the annual migration), which areas and camps to continue to be at as soon as on a an excellent Migration safari, or to view a photo and video gallery of the good Migration.

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What is the good Migration

The good Migration is the biggest herd activity of pets on the planet. In fact, v up to 1,000 pets per km², the good columns the wildebeest have the right to be viewed from space.

The numbers are astonishing: end 1.2 million wildebeest and also 300,000 zebra in addition to topi and also other gazelle move in a continuous cycle v the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem trying to find nutritious grass and also water. Guided by survive instinct, every wildebeest will cover 800 come 1,000km top top its individual journey along age-old migrate routes. Hungry predators including lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, wild dog and crocs do sure just the strongest endure in this natural spectacle likewise known together ‘the greatest display on Earth.’

The circuit takes the animals from the Ngorongoro preservation Area (although not into the Crater itself) in the south of the Serengeti in Tanzania, up with the Serengeti and across into the Masai Mara in Kenya and ago again. The trip is beset with danger: young calves space snatched by predators, the slow are lugged down through prides the lion, brave beasts break foot on steep flow slopes, crocodiles take your share that the stragglers, and also the weak and also exhausted drown.

The three groups of migrant grazers have various grass-eating habits: together one team eats the optimal of the tallest grass, the next team will eat away several of the medium-height grass, until finally it is almost completely eaten, and the herds move on. This method each group sticks come their very own kind with just a small overlap in your distributions. The grasses that the plains have the highest protein contents in the entirety of the Serengeti, and also being high in calcium.

It is unclear how the wildebeest know which means to go, but it is generally thought that their journey is dictated mostly by their an answer to the weather; they monitor the rains and also the development of brand-new grass. While there is no scientific proof that it, part experts believe that the animals react come lightning and also thunderstorms in the distance. That has also been argued that wildebeest deserve to locate rain more than 50km away.




Whether the wildebeest are dropping calves or attempting to overcome rivers while staying clear of predators, the migrate is continually on the move throughout the year. Read on to learn where the an excellent Migration tends to be during different times the year, or click a month listed below to jump that season of the migration:January, February and also March | April and also May | June and also July | August, September and October | November and also December


The great Migration in January, February and also March

Around January each year, the migration will be finishing a southward trek, relocating along the east edge that the Serengeti and also into the Ngorongoro conservation Area. Below the levels are well-off in nutritious grass, giving the herds v the finest conditions for elevating their newborn calves.

Although there is no real start or finish to this migratory circuit — various other than birth and also death — it appears reasonable to speak to the wildebeests’ birthing season the start of the migration. Around late January or February, the herds occupy the short-grass levels that spread out over the reduced northern slopes the the Ngorongoro Crater highlands and around Olduvai Gorge. Some 400,000 calves space born right here within a duration of two to 3 weeks, or nearly 8,000 brand-new calves every day.


The variety of fragile young calves means the surrounding predators also spring right into action, searching with ease as result of the sheer number of wildebeest. Those interested in evil calving and the drama of big cats on the hunt must look to Asilia"s migration camps in the southerly Serengeti which carry out direct access: Olakira, Kimondo and Ubuntu.

The an excellent Migration in April and May

After bearing your young in February and also March, about April the wildebeest herds begin to drift northwest toward the fresher grass of the central Serengeti, illustration with them hundreds of zebra and smaller groups of antelope. By May, columns that wildebeest stretch for numerous kilometres as the animals start to congregate by the Moru Kopjes, close come Dunia Camp, among the couple of camps in the Serengeti that provides migration viewing right now of year. Adjustment season starts toward the end of May and male wildebeest fight head-to-head. Transparent "the rut," the journey continues at recreation with the wildebeest, zebra and gazelle grazing together they go along.


Gradually, the activity gathers momentum and also the wildebeest start to fixed in the Serengeti’s western Corridor. At this time that year, Ubuntu migrate Camp will have actually relocated to follow the migration and provide access to watch the wildebeest cross the Grumeti River. The herds type in huge numbers follow me the pools and channels of the river, i m sorry they need to cross in order to continue on their journey. This may not be as spectacular together the famed Mara crossings, yet there are still enough wildebeest to carry out the Grumeti crocs through a really feast. The is worth noting that might is low season at Ubuntu. Safaris right now offer good value due to the fact that there are fairly low numbers of tourist in the Serengeti, however the wildlife viewings remain excellent. 


The great Migration in June and July

During June, the dry season start with huge concentrations the wildebeest in the west Serengeti and on the southern banks of the Grumeti River. Every migrating animal must face the challenge of crossing the crocodile-infested flow — the an initial of many challenging and tense river encounters. 

As June moves into July, the hundreds of thousands of wildebeest and zebra proceed to head north along the western edge the the park toward an also riskier barrier: the Mara flow in the phibìc of the Serengeti. These flow crossings are arguably one of the most amazing wildlife events on Earth. They usually start at the onset of high season in July, however timing all relies on nature.

The herds will generally be uncovered in the northern Serengeti in the month of July, where accessibility is provided by Asilia"s three mobile migrate camps as well as Sayari Camp (for those looking come indulge simply a little bit more). Later in July, those pets that have effectively made it throughout the Mara river will also be discovered in Kenya’s Masai Mara, whereby guests that Rekero Camp have the right to watch river crossings ideal from the key deck that the camp. At this time, everyday river crossings can be viewed at the Mara and also Talek rivers, both often main to tremendous scenes.


The good Migration in August, September and also October

By August, the herds have challenged the difficulty of cross the Mara River and also are spread out throughout the Masai Mara"s north region, with countless remaining in the north Serengeti. In years once the river is in complete flow, the panic and also confusion at the crossings — combined with waiting predators and also surging currents — can cause massive lose of life. But, also in years of reasonably gently flow water, the crocs take their toll, not to cite the lions and also other large predators the patrol the banks, ready to ambush any type of wildebeest that make it come the other side. Over there is no single crossing: at some spots, there are just a couple of individuals, while others view a fixed of animals moving there is no break because that hours.

By September to October, the key chaos has actually ended and the migrating columns have progressively moved eastward. However, they wildebeest will face the heavy waters that the Mara flow once much more as they prepare to cross once again for their return journey southward.

The great Migration in November and December

After the eastern African short rains in so late October and also early November, the wildebeest move down native Kenya and into the eastern borders of the Serengeti previous Namiri Plains, an area well-known for outstanding cheetah sightings. By December, they space spread transparent the eastern and also southern reaches.

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In the early on months the the new year, the grasses in the deep south of the Serengeti room lush through rain. This paint, etc the herds of wildebeest and hundreds of thousands of zebra and also other levels animals. The cycle proceeds as the calving season starts as soon as again.