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* DI Debt Indicator
* DI Depository Institution
* DI Dagens Industri
* DI Director of Investments

Click come see full answer. also asked, what walk the abbreviation Di was standing for?

Acronym an interpretation
DI Direct Injection (CAT)
DI Detective Inspector
DI Data Interchange
DI Diabetes Insipidus (water diabetes)

Furthermore, what go AC was standing for in business? AC in Business C. Air air conditioning + 1 variant. Conditioner, service. AC. Waiting Conditioning.

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Also, what walk AM was standing for in business?

Ante Meridiem

What walk Di median in medical terms?

Di-: Prefix taken directly from the Greek meaning twice or dual or twofold, together in diacid, diamelia (absence of two limbs), diandry (double male hereditary contribution) and also digyny (double female genetic contribution); the drugs diazepam, dicyclomine (Bentyl), and also diethylstilbestrol (DES); etc.

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What is the full an interpretation of Di?

Definition of "Di"
1. Defence Intelligence. 2. Detective Inspector.
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What walk Di stand for in police?

Detective Inspector
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What does Di stand for in statistics?

In mathematics and statistics, deviation is a measure of difference in between the observed worth of a variable and some other value, regularly that variable"s mean.
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What is digs slang for?

1. When provided to to express to common accommodation (typically for students and/or unmarried people), then "digs" is a slang word. When used in informal communication between young boys making use of slang, "digs" is often used to express an interest in who or other e.g. I dig bikes; the digs Karen.
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What is the D?

The D is one affectionate nickname for the city the Detroit, Michigan. The D is likewise a slang euphemism because that dick, or "penis" or "sex" much more generally.
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What walk Di median in science?

di- A prefix that means "two," "twice," or "double." it is used frequently in chemistry, together in dioxide, a compound having actually two oxygen atoms. The American Heritage® college student Science Dictionary, 2nd Edition.
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Is Di in the dictionary?

di- 1. A prefix emerging in loanwords from Greek, wherein it supposed “two,” “twice,” “double” (diphthong); ~ above this model, openly used in the formation of link words (dicotyledon; dipolar) and in chemical state (diatomic; disulfide). Also dis-2. To compare mono-.
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What does PS mean?

post scriptum
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What room AM and PM called?

From the Latin native meridies (midday), ante (before) and post (after), the term ante meridiem (a.m.) means before midday and post meridiem (p.m.) way after midday. The American Heritage thesaurus of the English Language states "By convention, 12 AM denotes midnight and 12 PM denotes noon.
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What is a pm in business?

The PM is an abbreviation for the element Minister. A PM is a project manager.
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What is the full meaning of AM and also PM?

Ante Meridiem
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What is the correct means to compose AM and PM?

AM and PM as small letter Letters. There are a few generally welcomed ways come write these abbreviations in her writing. The first and most common way come write them is with lowercase “a.m.” and also “p.m.” This way needs periods, and both Chicago Style and AP layout recommend this way that writing the abbreviations.
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What is am in finance?

Asset management is a team in ~ a financial firm that is specialized to managing the legacy (cash, investments etc.) the clients.
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Why perform we usage AM and PM?

As we said above, AM stands for “ante meridiem” or before noon in Latin, so it is provided to describe the very first portion of the job – the first 12 hours. ~ above the other hand, PM stands for “post meridiem” or ~ noon in Latin and it"s used to explain the second part of the day – the final 12 hours.
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What go AC stand for in computers?

alternating current
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What walk AC typical calculator?

AC stands for every Clear. AC removes the calculator and also resets any type of functions. This clears the calculator and resets all functions. The memory needs to be cleared by pushing Min after ~ AC. CE, i m sorry is seen in some calculators stands for Clear Entry i beg your pardon erases the last entry you have actually keyed in.
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What walk AC mean in time?

In whatever way Originally Answered: Why is time split into BC (before Christ) and AC (after Christ)? First, it is no AC (After Christ), but ad (Anno Domini). Anno Domini, in middle ages Latin from whereby the term has actually been borrowed, way “in the year the the Lord”.

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What walk AC average in school?

80- 89% - an excellent is more common than great but an ext rare 보다 average. While there is merit to difficult work and long hours, it does not always guarantee success. Goodness describes the linked results not just the effort. C signifies "average- simple, common, adequate yet ordinary 70-79%
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What is AC in texting?

AC way "Air Conditioning" or "Alternating Current" So currently you recognize - AC way "Air Conditioning" or "Alternating Current" - don"t say thanks to us. YW! What walk AC mean? AC is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the AC definition is given.
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