Similar to Treyarch"s zombie mode, Exo Zombies has actually its own type of perk machine known together Exo Upgrades. Back the names space slightly different, the perk equipments follow a comparable principle. In this article I"ll perform each of the machines and also let you know the ability you obtain by purchasing every of the upgrades.Scattered transparent the Outbreak map, there room 5 Exo Upgrades. They include extra health, faster reload, strength slam, quicker revive and a couple of others. The price varies because that each that the upgrades and players spend credits fairly than point out in this mode. Credits are earned from killing zombies, using the credit transaction machines and collecting credits in crates.

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How to gain the Exo Suit

Upon beginning the Outbreak map girlfriend don"t have actually your Exo Suit. It"s actually covert in one of the rooms the the map and also it"s not a an easy case of detect the suit and also equipping it. Instead you"ll have to activate number of power switches before the fit is unlocked. The an essential to locating the power switches is to monitor the power cables leading approximately the Exo fit area - simply trace the cables earlier to the power switches.Tip: The Exo suit room is in the center of the map.Every player can equip their own Exo Suit and also they"re all uncovered within nearby proximity come each various other (inside blue chambers). Equipping your Exo fit doesn"t cost any type of credits and I recommend you walk for the Exo as at an early stage as you deserve to to gain the punch assault but likewise so girlfriend can twin jump far from danger.Once you have your Exo fit you deserve to start to acquisition Exo Upgrades (perks). These perk machines must be it is provided on one through one prior to they deserve to be used.Here"s a perform of perk machines discovered on the Outbreak map...
Exo HealthCost: 2500Location: stop area.This perk machine gives friend extra wellness aka Juggernog indigenous Treyarch"s zombie mode. Most likely the most essential perk device in the game and always the very first one the zombie fans will look for.With the health Upgrade you deserve to take twice as numerous hits together you deserve to without it. The upgrade prices a tidy amount of 2500 credits so saving up enough money when ensuring you"ve obtained a an excellent weapon will take girlfriend a while.Exo ReloadCost: 2000Reload your weapons quicker aka rate Cola from Treyarch"s zombie mode. Another great perk and also this one comes a close second after health and wellness Exo in the chain the importance. I"d say the this update becomes much more important in the later rounds when zombies generate faster and also you"re more likely to gain surrounded. Exo MedicCost: 1500Location: RHS room indigenous spawnRevive teammates much faster aka fast Revive native Treyarch"s zombie mode. Also gives girlfriend an extra life as soon as playing the video game solo. This perk is that high importance for SOLO players but less so for groups of players.You execute NOT require the Exo suit to acquire this perk.Exo SlamAllows football player to jump and slam on the ground, thus damaging zombies v an area the effect assault aka phd Flopper native Treyarch"s zombie mode. Straight hitting a zombie through the slam will kill it, whilst various other zombies in close proximity space stunned fairly than killed.Exo SoliderCost: 1750Location: tiny room turn off of holding area.Gives players stable aim and also hip fire spread. Additionally seems to give players the ability to shoot and also run faster. Very similar to Treyarch"s Stamina perk machine which help players move faster with hefty weapons and additionally reduces loss damage.

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Losing perks

There"s an exciting twist to exclusive right in Exo Zombies. When a player is downed by a zombie they begin to bleed out - i m sorry we"re all acquainted with. The big difference in Sledgehammer"s setting is the players begin to shed their exclusive right one through one, meaning that the much longer you are down the an ext perks you will certainly lose. Perks will flash one through one till the player has no exclusive right left.Therefore, it"s critical that players work together together a team to revive various other team mates are quickly as feasible when they go down. Secondly and an ext importantly, I"d indicate you purchase the an ext important Exo Upgrades first (so they"re shed last once you walk down) climate buy your way through the other least crucial upgrades thereafter.