What are contractions?

A contraction is a word made by shortening and also combining 2 words. Words like can't (deserve to + not), don't (do + not), and I've (I + have) are all contractions.

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People usage contractions in both speaking and also writing. They're so common that movies and also books often attempt to make characters seem old-fashioned or strange by having them never usage contractions. This is a tiny silly because English speakers have been using contractions for centuries—although not constantly the exact same ones we usage this particular day.


Writing contractions

All contractions incorporate a punctuation mark that looks prefer this:


This is an apostrophe. Knowing wright here to put the apostrophe have the right to seem tricky, however there's a pretty basic dominion that works with every contractivity. Remember exactly how we sassist contractions are made of two words that have been shortened? The apostrophe relocations any type of letters that are in the original words, but that aren't in the contraction.

For circumstances, the contraction couldn't means might not. As you have the right to view, the o in not isn't in the word couldn't. The apostrophe goes in its place, best between the n and also t.


Let's look at an additional instance. You'll implies you will. This contraction is absent two letters from the word will: w and i. The apostrophe goes wright here these missing letters belong: in between the u and the initially l.


In some parts of the United States, you deserve to resolve a team of world by making use of a one-of-a-kind contractivity for you + all. It's composed below—without the apostrophe. Click the spot wbelow the apostrophe need to be.


Common contractions

In English, tright here are a fairly small variety of contractions, and they're all made out of widespread words. Here are some of the contractions you'll see the most:


You can have noticed that the word won't is a tiny various from the various other contractions. It suggests will certainly not, even though the word will isn't tright here. This is bereason won't is based on a a lot older form of the word will. Even though the word readjusted, the contractivity continued to be the same!

Writing with contractions

If anyone tells you that you have to never usage contractions in composing, they're wrong. It's perfectly OK to use contractions in a lot of writing, consisting of newspapers, fiction, and instructions. In fact, making use of contractions can make your writing simpler and less complicated to read.

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However before, if you're creating an scholastic paper or anypoint else that's formal, you may desire to stop contractions. If you're creating for college, it might be an excellent principle to ask your teacher if contractions are OK.