Amitabh Bachchan in Pink go an amazing job of explaining to men that when a girl says no, she means no. Funnily enough, human being still let go the point. Right here are a few things women do NOT median when they speak no…

1. Yes.

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No way no. Simple. Don’t think people once they say the girls don’t understand what they want. We know.


2. Bombard me through messages.

execute not text a girl continually on on facebook or Whatsapp as soon as she has said no. You’re no helping her case. In fact, she making the worse. So avoid it ideal now!

3. Buy me a gift.

A girl’s no isn’t a means for her to enjoy benefits from you. She doesn’t want you to take her the end or spend money top top her prior to she claims yes. She not testing your gaue won prowess. She’s just not interested.


4. I’m no impressed, woo me better.

as soon as a women claims no, males somehow convince themselves that perhaps their wooing approaches weren’t good enough. Don’t take it it together a blow to your self respect, mine friend. It has actually nothing to perform with you and everything to do with the girl’s choice.

5. Force yourself on me.

most importantly, no girl desires you to force yourself top top her as soon as she says no. Admitted the women can like solid men yet we like men with psychological strength much more than physics strength. If us say no and you translate that together ‘please molest me’, your game is weak and also there is something serious wrong with you. Back. OFF!


6. I prefer somebody else.

If she says no come you, that does not average that she is interested in who else. She could an extremely well be single and enjoying she life. A girl go not constantly need to be with a man or reasoning of one come say no come you.

7. Stalk me.

no a single woman is privately wishing that a man would stalk her as soon as she has actually said no come him. This is real life, no R Rajkumar, wherein the girl desires the guy to constantly monitor her and even drool over her slaps. Don’t perform it guys, it just wastes everyone time.


8. Maybe, allow me think around it.

A no never means maybe. It no mean, ‘I’m not persuaded right now, possibly if I could go home and also think around it, I would say yes.’ We comprised our mental a 2nd before the no left our mouth.

9. Save asking me, I’ll readjust my mind.

If a girl has actually said no, be sure she’ll save saying no irrespective of the variety of times you ask her. So don’t think that you deserve to harass she into an altering her decision. That just works in Bollywood movies.


10. Do me jealous.

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once a girl claims no and also you begin flirting v her friends just to acquire her attention, you immediately get promoted to the ‘creep’ category. Be dignified sufficient to understand this never ever works.