Join her friend top top a search to analyze two mysterious building materials he gained from one alchemist come cure his migraine, and also learn exactly how atoms connect.

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Have you ever before wondered exactly how atoms are held together? In this simulation, friend will learn the basics around atomic bonding in ionic and also covalent compounds, and how to differentiate those link experimentally. Through all this knowledge, you will assist your friend analyze two mysterious building material he received from one alchemist. By experimentation their specific physical properties, you’ll be able to identify the nature the the substances. Finally, you will learn how ions kind lattice structures and how this influences the residential or commercial property of a compound.

Test solubility and conductivity

Atoms can communicate in numerous different ways, giving a compound certain properties. In the an initial mission that the Ionic and Covalent binding simulation, your task is to choose ideal laboratory equipment to check the solubility and conductivity of the 2 substances. You will discover how these properties differ in ionic and covalent compounds.

Draw Lewis period structures

In the second part of the Ionic and Covalent bond simulation, you will learn about the octet rule and also how to use this to structure Lewis dot frameworks in a virtual illustration activity. Girlfriend will watch that over there are countless ways the covalent bonds deserve to be formed, relying on the compound and also electron configuration. Friend will likewise learn how to determine lone electron bag in a covalent bond.

Determine melt points

In the critical mission, your job is to identify the melting point of the two substances by using melting point apparatus. You will explore how your outcomes are linked to the capability of ion to form a lattice structure.

Will you have the ability to identify the 2 mysterious building material and help your girlfriend cure his migraine?

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Join her friend top top a pursuit to analyze 2 mysterious building materials he got from an alchemist to cure his migraine, and also learn how atoms connect.

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Techniques in lab
Conductivity measurement, Melting point determination
Learning objectives

At the end of this simulation, you will be may be to...

define the development of ionic and covalent bond identify anions and cations apply the octet dominance describe ionic lattice framework attract Lewis dot structures explain the formation of single, double, and triple bonds Distinguish in between ionic compounds and covalent link
Simulation features

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