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What is 3/4 plus 1/9? below we will certainly explain and also show you exactly how to calculate 3/4 plus 1/9.Note the numbers below the divider line are dubbed denominators and also numbers over the divider heat are called numerators.To add two fountain together, you an initial make the denominators the same and also then you include the numerators together.We start by setting up 3/4 plus 1/9 choose this so it is less complicated to read:
The denominators space 4 and also 9. The least typical multiple that 4 and 9 is 36. Therefore, you want to transform the fractions so lock bothhave 36 together the denominator.To perform that, you main point the very first denominator through 9 to acquire 36 and also the second denominator by 4 to obtain 36.

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You likewise have to multiply thenumerators through the corresponding numbers to store the portion values intact:
3 x 9
4 x 9
1 x 4
9 x 4
Then you finish up with 3/4 to add 1/9 converted so the fractions have a typical denominator:
Now the the denominators room the same, friend can include the fractions together to make them right into one fraction like this:
27 + 4
That is it! now you know just how to calculation 3/4 add to 1/9. The prize is below (simplified if necessary):31/36Adding fractions CalculatorAdd another set of fractions here: