For weeks, I have been wonder what or who Maryann really is, and also last night an ext about this secret character was revealed.

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I to be still a tiny bit confused, however at the very least now I can narrow under the possibilities from many to two: Maryann is either a maenad or a mischief maker. I have been therefore obsessed v this, i did some study online to shot and obtain some insight, more like help, to figure out the most likely answer.

There room so plenty of fan sites dedicated to "True Blood" -- you could go crazy through theories after reading them all. Yet I came across one the really captured my attention, specifically since it came to Maryann.

I took quite a couple of Classics courses in college, which encountered Greek and also Roman mythology, so as soon as I read this post on, i was intrigued.

Basically, the short article states that Maryann is a maenad, i m sorry is a female monitor of the Greek's Dionysus. Females who are under his influence enter a state the ecstatic frenzy, v a mix of dancing and also drunken intoxication. They likewise can shed control, communicate in uncontrolled sexual behavior and possibly kill others v their ceiling hands.


Maryann is caring and also compassionate, yet what is the actual reason she wants to help Tara and destroy Sam?

If that doesn't explain what walk on at this crazy parties Maryann throws, than I don't recognize what does. Perhaps my other theory the she is just a mischief maker, however after critical night's episode, ns am absolutely convinced the there space other forces at occupational here and also that she may really well it is in the horned biology that attacked Sookie.

We also caught a glimpse right into Egg's past, when he and also Tara went on a road trip and also ended up acquisition a slight "detour." Egg, Tara's brand-new boyfriend, is one of Maryann's followers and also has seemed an extremely innocent, up until last night. Lock wander upon a clearing in the woods, which appears to have actually been the site of some kind of sacrificial ritual. That said because they discover torn, bloody clothes and also a rock covered in blood.

Upon their return to Bon Temps, Egg and also Tara uncover Maryann hosting another party, with people dancing and having sex, every one of their eyes turned black. The pair quickly becomes "intoxicated" and join in ~ above the craziness.

As if the isn't enough craziness because that one episode, Sam is betrayed by his brand-new love attention Daphne, that leads him to Maryann's party, whereby he is captured, and also it looks together if he is going come be readily available to the gods as a human being sacrifice.

And through the way, Daphne not just shapeshifts into a deer, yet her true form is that of a pig. The very same pig the we have seen in previous episodes hanging out through Maryann, the same pig that brought about Tara to drive off the road and crash she car, the very same pig that druken police offcer Andy Belfleur keeps seeing.


When is Jason walking to wise up and realize that having a "relationship" v Sara Newlin is not a an excellent idea?

Sookie goes undercover come infiltrate the Fellowship of the Sun and also things perform not go well. Simply after learning Steve Newlin is maintaining a vampire in his basement, possibly Godric, Sookie and also her companion establish they have actually been set up and also they room thrown into a "tomb" under the church.

Meanwhile, Sookie's brother Jason is building a platform for a "Meet the Sun" ritual, which entails hanging a vampire native a wooden cross and watching castle ignite as soon as the sunlight rises.

Jason is currently really starting to question the engine of Steve and also the Fellowship, together is Steve's mam Sara. She and Jason finish up having actually sex in the church after ~ she tells Jason the she is no married come Steve in her heart.

Bill's device Lorena returns at the inquiry of vampire Eric and prevents invoice from helping Sookie as she calls the end to him prior to being recorded by the Fellowship.

If you can't wait that long, inspect out this exclusive HBO clip with glimpses that the remaining season.

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