1: when cells receive the signal to divide in the G2 phase, they development into the last 2 phases. What room these phases?
• the chromatids on every chromosome room physically moved to opposite sides of the dividing cell v the aid of the spindle.

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• Spindles are cell structures comprised of both centrioles and also individual microtubule fibers that are involved in moving chromosomes throughout cell division.
• Chromosomes coil up and also become visible during prophase. The nuclear envelope dissolves and a spindle forms.
• throughout metaphase, the chromosomes move to the center of the cell and line up follow me the equator. * Spindle fibers connect the chromatids of each chromosome come opposite poles.
• Centromeres divide throughout anaphase. * The two chromatids (now dubbed chromosomes) relocate toward the opposite poles as the spindle fibers attached come them shorten.
• A atom envelope forms roughly the chromosomes at each pole. Chromosomes, currently at opposite poles, uncoil and also the spindle dissolves.
• as mitosis ends with the cabinet nucleus being divided, cytokinesis begins. During cytokinesis, the cytoplasm the the cabinet is separated in half, and also the cabinet membrane grow to enclose each cell, creating two separate cells together a result.
• The end an outcome of mitosis and cytokinesis is two genetically the same cells where only one cabinet existed before.
• In plant cells and other cell that have rigid cell walls, the cytoplasm is separated in a various way.

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• In plant cells, vesicles formed by the Golgi Apperatus fuse at the midline of the splitting cell and type a cabinet plate.• A cell plate is a membrane bound cell wall surface that forms throughout the middle of the tree cell.