The eighteenth season of ‘NCIS’ has actually introduced the cutest character, Lucy. In the tenth episode of the season, mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs comes throughout a stray and also wounded Pit bull. It transforms out the the dog was abused, and Gibbs takes increase the matter with the suspect quite too harshly. This activity of Gibbs at some point gets that suspended.

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However, in the process, Gibbs manages come ensure the Lucy gets the assist she needs and ultimately takes she home. Numerous fans are conscious that mark Harmon himself likewise has a dog. Naturally, they want to understand if Lucy is Harmon’s dog. If girlfriend are in search of information about the same, you’re at the best place!

Does the Dog top top NCIS belong to mark Harmon?

No, the dog that plays Lucy top top ‘NCIS’ does no belong to mark Harmon. However, the actor has actually a dark-furred Pit bull mix called Dave, who has been a part of his household for numerous years. If not lot is known about the dog who shows up as Lucy, the is clear that it is not Dave. Lucy has a lot lighter fur and is maybe a trained skilled doing a wonderful project in the series.


However, it is not the first time Dave has remained in the news. In 2016, ~ above the set of the police procedural drama, Harmon’s rescue dog reportedly attacked a crew member that required an ext than 15 stitches come close up the wound. Several human being shared the Dave is usually a familiar dog and possibly bit the crew member only since he acquired scared. The occurrence snowballed right into a lot bigger problem as Harmon’s co-star Pauley Perrette (Abby Sciuto) expressed her concerns around having Dave on set. Some sources asserted that in spite of that, Harmon continued to carry his dog come work.

The tension in between both the actors grew exponentially, and also Perrette at some point exited the series in 2018. Top top the other hand, a few insiders stated that Harmon quit bringing Dave to the collection after the 2016 incident. However, the actress admitted that she want to leave the show prior to Dave’s incident, which argues that over there was much more to Perrette and Harmon’s conflict than Dave. As far as the relationship in between the former co-stars is concerned, the two don’t seem to check out eye to eye also to this day.


In season 13 illustration 20, Gibbs is seen v a dog that bears a solid resemblance to Dave. Return it has actually never been confirmed if Harmon’s dog did certainly make a cameo or if the was another dog altogether, countless fans love to believe that the dog in season 13 is Dave.

What type of Dog is Lucy?

In the series, Lucy is a Pit bull who develops a strong bond v Gibbs after the rescues her. Pit bull-type the dogs room descended indigenous bulldogs and terriers. The group comprises different breeds such as American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, and also sometimes also the American Bulldog. Unfortunately, Pit bull-type dog have obtained a reputation for gift aggressive, possibly due to their background in dogfighting.

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Another reason for this perception is the high percent of dog attacks documented in the media, which has a staggering number of dogs belonging to this breed. However, it seems that numerous factors current a disproportionate idea about Pit bulls, and now there are numerous people about the civilization spreading awareness about the canines that can help people through their interaction with them.

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Lucy in ‘NCIS’ is a victim of abuse that Gibbs feels an extremely strongly for. Once he first finds her, she is bleeding from a gunshot wound. In the later on episodes that season 18, Lucy is seen living the great life at Gibbs’ home. Over there is no doubt that Lucy receives as much love native the cast and also crew as she does indigenous the fans.