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I met mine girl girlfriend a few days ago. She said me that \" i missed you\". So i would prefer to understand real meaning of it. Please describe me. Thanks for your effort guys for spending me.


The an interpretation depends ~ above the context. If her girlfriend likes you, then she\"d quite be through you, and when she says \"I missed you\", climate it\"s most likely she method something like

I noticed the you were absent, and also I\"m emotion lonely without you.

If girlfriend were claimed to be at a occupational meeting, friend forgot to go, and also your boss states \"I to let go you\", climate it\"s likely she way something like

I sought you at the meeting, I intended to discover you, but you were absent, and I\"m no happy about that.

If you\"re in a class in which the teacher has actually just handed out duplicates of her lecture notes, you suggest out the she didn\"t give you a copy, and also she says \"I to let go you\", then it\"s likely that she means

I\"m sorry, ns overlooked you.

The verb to miss also means to fail come hit a target. Hence HotLick\"s small joke the if you\"ve heard a gunshot, you rotate to see your girlfriend hold a gun, and she says \"I let go you\", then she most likely means

I fired a gun in ~ you, however I didn\"t fight you.

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There are a few different definitions of words miss.

The Oxford on-line dictionary gives the adhering to (as meaning 3.1(

Feel regret or sadness at no longer being may be to gain the presence of.

So when you witnessed her, and she said you the she let go you, she more than likely meant that during the time once you were not with each other she felt sad. She it s okay sad once you room not there.

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Another possible an interpretation of miss out on is to fail when trying come hit somebody, therefore she may have actually attempted to litter something at you and it did not hit you.

Most likely, she feeling sad once you room not there.

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