SIM card dimension chart by device

The center card, which comes in assorted sizes, is a device that has actually grown to end up being a component of daily life.

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However, the sim card comes in one of three sizes, which deserve to be confusing. ~ all, what sim card fits her phone? How huge is your sim card slot?

In this guide, you"ll discover not just a brief definition of the center card but also the details top top the easily accessible SIM card sizes, a chart on handset sim card slot sizes, and more information on the expansion of sim cards.


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What space the various SIM card sizes?

There are 3 center card sizes -nano SIM, micro SIM and standard SIM. Some phones room compatible through one size, when others just take a different size. Happily for many, quite a few carriers will distribute global SIM card kits, meaning that you deserve to pop out a center card of any type of size from the kit that will fit her phone.

Some carriers might offer what is well-known as a twin cut SIM, or double SIM. A twin SIM is as soon as two center cards - prefer the Micro center card and the conventional SIM - are marketed together in one card. Therefore if her mobile an equipment needs a Micro center card, then you"ll have the ability to pop the smaller Micro center card out of the bigger Standard center card and insert the card into the center card tray.

SIM card size chart

SIM TypeLengthWidthHeight
Standard SIM25mm15mm0.76mm
Micro SIM15mm12mm0.76mm
Nano SIM12.3mm8.8mm0.76mm

Nano center Card

Finally, we have actually the most current and also smallest center card kind available ~ above the market: the Nano center card. The Nano sim card is today"s standard, acting together the center card for many flagship models.

The Nano sim acts together the "fourth generation" (4FF) of sim cards, measuring at 12.3mm x 8.8mm x 0.67mm. Furthermore, this smart card was released throughout early 2012.

Micro center Card

The Micro center card is known as 3FF or third type factor. That is the "third-generation" of center card types, measuring at 15mm x 12mm x 0.76mm. Micro center cards were presented with the adhering to purpose: fitting into devices that room too tiny for the vault generation of sim cards.

Better yet, the Micro sim is backward-compatible, special the very same assets and also design as the typical SIM. Again, the only difference is the lot of plastic bordering the chip.

Standard sim Card

The conventional phone center card, otherwise well-known as the Mini sim card, belongs come the "second generation" of sim cards - this is why it is additionally referred to together 2FF, or second form factor. The factor why the is referred to as the standard dimension is because of the reality that the full-sized first-generation center card, i m sorry was introduced in 1996, has died out.

The dimensions of the typical phone center card space 25mm x 15mm x 0.76mm.

Most new smartphones today execute not call for the typical SIM card.

Apple iPhone center card compatibility

iPhone SENano SIM
iPhone 6Nano SIM
iPhone 7Nano SIM
iPhone 8Nano SIM
iPhone XNano SIM
iPhone XRNano SIM
iPhone XSNano SIM
iPhone 11Nano SIM
iPhone 12Nano SIM

Samsung Galaxy sim card compatibility

Galaxy S7Nano SIM
Galaxy S8Nano SIM
Galaxy S9Nano SIM
Galaxy S10Nano SIM
Galaxy S20Nano SIM
Galaxy S21Nano SIM
Galaxy keep in mind 8Nano SIM
Galaxy keep in mind 9Nano SIM
Galaxy keep in mind 10Nano SIM

SIM card size FAQs

What is a center Card?

A center card (subscriber to know module) is installed within the center card tray in most cell phones. The sim card contains your distinct profile and other extr information, such together your call contacts. The sim card speak the tower and also your carrier network that you space authorized to usage the mobile tower.


Overall, center cards come in three various sizes though they aren"t all that different from each other. The only differences lie in the amount of plastic surrounding the chip.

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However, be sure to describe our table above to find what center card you"ll require for your phone. The course, if you desire to save your sim card for the lengthy haul, you"ll probably want to look right into a center card adapter or a cutter.

Need a helping hand to find a sim card setup perfect because that you? use our prepaid sim comparison guide!

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