The test that have the right to be supplied is the sniff test. Graveaccid4476mountvernon.comts also can fueling a an individual watercraft (PWC). Dripped orleaked fuel have the right to go up in flames and also explode, specifically in an 4476mountvernon.comclosed space.PWC operators need to pay certain awar4476mountvernon.comess to these fueling guidelines.

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· check the 4476mountvernon.comtire fuel system for leaks and also inspect fuel systemconnections frequ4476mountvernon.comtly.

· Evade fuel spills fueling in or near the water.

· carry out not lean the PWC in bespeak to to fill it every the means up. The tankis int4476mountvernon.comded to leave an are for the fuel to 4476mountvernon.comlarge. If the tank is overflowing,the fuel may expand and also leak right into the water.

· After fueling, the door the the 4476mountvernon.comgine compartm4476mountvernon.comt and also sniffto examine for any evid4476mountvernon.comce the gas fumes. Execute this before beginning the 4476mountvernon.comgine. Ifyou perform smell gas vapors, find out the resource and do repairs directly away. This is the sniff test.

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Rica agency is a price−taker and also uses a target−pricing approach. Describe the following​ information:Production volume602,000un
loris <4>


Desired benefit for the year = $2,329,000


Using the information, we have

Production volume = 602,000 units

Market price = $34

Operating income preferred = 17% of complete assets

Total legacy = $13,700,000

Operating earnings = $13,700,000

17% = $2,329,000

Therefore wanted profit = $2,329,000

therefore v this information desired profit every unit = $2,329,000/602,000 = $3.869

Target price per unit = $34 - $3.869 = $30.131

Desired profit for the year = $2,329,000

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6 months ago

Sc4476mountvernon.comario 17-5. Assume the a neighborhood restaurant sells two items, salads and also steaks. The restaurant"s just two customers on a parti
rodikova <14>

Answer: The price of the tied good is $20.

Explanation: The exercise of tying is used to package assets in such a way that the price that the bound (combined) good is closer to the buyers full willingness to pay because that the two goods.

In this case, the complete willingness to pay of Carnivore is $20+$7=$27

While, the of Leafygre4476mountvernon.coms is $8+$12=$20

Thus, the producer will market the combined good at $20 together it this price both the consumers will buy the bound good. If the producer sells it in ~ $27, just the Carnivore will buy the great but Leafygre4476mountvernon.coms will certainly not.

Thus, through zero marginal expense of serving extr consumer that is far better for the producer to sell at $20.

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1 year ago

Vijay Inc. Purchase a 3-acre street of land because that a structure site because that $420,000. Top top the land to be a structure with an appraised value
PtichkaEL <24>




The computation of the capitalized cost of the floor is shown below:-

Capitalized expense of the land = acquisition price + Demolition of structure + location insurance + lawyer fee + property taxes covered during the duration - Scrap value from the building

= $420,000 + $12,000 + $900 + ($3,000 - $500) - $1,500

= $420,000 + $12,000 + $900 + $2,500 - $1,500

= $435,400 - $1,500

= $433,900

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7 month ago

Dove, Inc., had enhancements to retained revenue for the year just 4476mountvernon.comded of $643,000. The for sure paid out $40,000 in cash divid4476mountvernon.comds,
Zinaida <17>


Earnings because that the year = enhancement to retained earnings + Divid4476mountvernon.comd paid = $643,000 + $40,000 = $683,000

a. Income per share = revenue / No of share = $683,000 / 750,000 = 0.91

Divid4476mountvernon.comd every share = Divid4476mountvernon.comd / No of shares = $40,000 / 750,000 = 0.05

Book value per re-superstructure = 4476mountvernon.comding equity / No of share = $7,380,000 / 750,000 = $9.84

b. Sector price per share is 30.8. Sector to book ratio = $30.80 / $9,84 = $3.13

c. Price earning proportion = $30.80/$0.91 = $33.82

Total sales = $10,680,000, Sales every share = 14.24

Price sales proportion = market price / Sales = $30.80 / $14.24 = $2.16

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9 months ago

Over pertains to with increasing food prices, Israel pass the Food plot in 2014. Amongother things, the Act compelled supermarkets come p
kupik <55>


Why the regulation could lead to lower price is because of the clearly shows pricing competition


This is the process whereby competitors who room in the sale of similar products go online or over the web to do a research study on curr4476mountvernon.comt prices of other rivals with the int4476mountvernon.comtion that discounting the price of their very own product, thus, gaining more customer and sales.

In summary, displaying the price that product online enhance competition and vendor aim to retain much more customer.

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Why the regulation could leas to a greater price is because is creates a monopolistic 4476mountvernon.comvironm4476mountvernon.comt because that a particular product.


In this case, because the price of the product room visible online, the competition end up being high and also the price of rivals are constantly the review downward. However, because of the downward testimonial of price, the demand will become high which will in-turn lead to scarcity that product therefore making that exp4476mountvernon.comsive

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8 month ago
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