The FX comedy What We execute in the Shadows adheres to four vampires who have actually been roommates for hundreds and hundreds the years.

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Season year2019NetworkFXContent advisoryDrug use, foul language, sexual content, nudity, violencePurchase rightsStream instantly DetailsFormatPrime video (streaming virtual video)DevicesAvailable to clock on sustained devices
HydrajenReviewed in the United states on march 28, 2019
(no spoilers) This is actually an excellent and deserves a watch. I"m a huge fan of the original movie, and also I to be nervous exactly how a tv display spinoff would feel. It"s not a continuation of the same characters from the movie, which is good, cause it would have actually felt monster with various actors. It"s collection in America v all-new characters, but definitely has actually the same aesthetic and "mockumentary" feel that the movie had. The very first episode began off maybe feeling a tiny awkward, however it soon found its stride. Billy the human acquainted is my favourite character for this reason far! He"s precious. Also, the makeup/costuming ~ above the elder Baron is stunning, they walk an amazing job, that looks really cool. I"m looking front to the remainder of the season!
EldweenaReviewed in the United claims on march 28, 2019
I was worried the TV collection wouldn"t have actually the same charm together the film, however it"s as if the movie never ever ended! that may have actually a different cast, however we still see these powerful, old creatures behaving like complete morons in the 21st century. Five stars. I can"t wait for an ext of your zany antics!
Amanda RebholzReviewed in the United claims on might 14, 2019
Captures the hilarity, originality and spirit of the original film; the cast is stellar, and their comedic time is impeccable. Every joke is a residence run. Vision gags room hilarious and well done; I"m suspect it"s just a half-hour show because of the FX and set design, etc. The manufacturing is gorgeous. I hope this go on for many, countless seasons. It"s a true gift for any kind of horror/vampire fan or anyone that loved the original. The easter eggs and also references stashed throughout because that fans are a real treat too.
James MaceReviewed in the United claims on July 15, 2019

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I to be a substantial fan of the original film, and when ns heard it to be being made right into a series, ns honestly go not recognize what to think. Ns was at first disappointed when discovering it would certainly not involve the initial cast, and that it was set in America. However, together Jemaine Clement and also Taika Waititi are heavily affiliated in the writing and producing, I permitted myself to be cautiously optimistic. When I ultimately sat under to clock the pilot, I ended up binging the entire collection in one afternoon / evening! The premise, choose the original, is the it is a "documentary", only this time set in Staten Island. This is referenced sparingly, and also they just break the "fourth wall" ~ above a pair of occasions. I execute like the the each episode is a self-contained story, which works much better for this layout of show, rather than trying come tell a larger narrative end the course of the series.The creating is fantastic, the jokes funny, and they don"t overuse the same gag over-and-over. The casting is likewise perfect. The just actor i was familiar with is Matt Berry, who I love in "The it Crowd", "Toast the London", and "Disenchantment". His personality of Laszlo is hilarious, together is his rather bizarre partnership with his wife of the past couple of hundred years, Nadja (portrayed through Natasia Demetriou). They it seems ~ to be in an open up relationship, with Berry and Demetriou play off each other so well, that their an ext awkward moment come across as funny, rather than cringe-worthy. Kayvan Novak plays the supposed leader of the group, Nandor the Relentless; albeit almost no one listens to him, as well as his familiar, billy (portrayed by Harvey Guillén). Nandor and also Guillermo likewise have an excellent chemistry on-screen. The only character ns was hesitant around at very first was the "energy vampire", Collin Robinson (played by note Proksch). Together he is a day-walker who works a continual job in one office, wears contemporary clothes, does not have actually fangs, nor does the drink human blood, you"re no entirely encouraged he"s a vampire in ~ all. And because his talent is sapping the energy of both mortals and also vampires through endless boring and also tedious monologues, or just by being insufferably aggravating, I thought his character would certainly be annoying to the audience. However, the is for this reason well-written and also flawlessly executed by Proksch, that he"s actually among my favourites in the show.The episodes themselves are pretty consistent, though the werewolves one was more than likely the weakest. It"s still really funny, and thankfully that does not try to be like the film, about the feud between werewolves and vampires. My personal favourite to be "The Orgy", though my favourite scene comes from the 2nd episode and what happens when Nandor make the efforts to own a member of the regional city council. There are a couple of recognisable themes native the film, such as the relationship between vampire and familiar; however, this definitely stands ~ above its own. (Minor Spoiler) over there is one episode whereby Viago, Vladislav, and also Deacon have an extended cameo; yet again, the is excellent well and they don"t overshadow the key characters.All in all, this is a fantastic and repeatedly funny series, the I very recommend. The writing is spot-on, the exhilaration fantastic, and above all it"s funny. Here"s hope they carry out a season two, which rumour has it FX has commissioned.