However, Darth Vader was still an apprentice, and also therefore a "learner" come Darth Sidious. Therefore what go he median by this?


Vader to be speaking metaphorically

Of course, Vader is without doubt apprenticed to Sidious. Indigenous Revenge that the Sith:

PALPATINE: You are fulfilling your destiny, Anakin. End up being my apprentice. Learn to usage the dark side of the Force.

ANAKIN: I will do every little thing you ask.


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He trust that, in power and knowledge, he has actually now outstripped Obi-Wan:

Also from Revenge of the Sith:

ANAKIN: This is the finish for you, mine Master. Ns wish it were otherwise.

ANAKIN jumps and flips onto OBI- WAN"s platform. The fighting continues again till OBI-WAN jumps towards the safety and security of the black sandy edge of the lava river. He yells at Anakin.

OBI-WAN: It"s over, Anakin. I have the high ground.

ANAKIN: You underestimate mine power!

This mirrors Anakin"s frame of mind. That believes self to be so far beyond Obi-Wan that it does not issue what benefits Obi-Wan has; Anakin will certainly still win.

This is what he method when he is now the master: the he has surpassed his previous teacher.

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I think that many activity movies have a scene once a poor guy and his an excellent guy former mentor satisfy again and also fight. They might be old west gunslingers, samurai, martial artists, expert assassins, etc. Before fighting they trash talk. It would be an extremely natural because that the previous pupil to insurance claim to now be premium at his fighting craft.

It would have actually been silly because that Darth Vader to case he to be the master and also Kenobi to be his willing student, due to the fact that they to be obviously enemies. Vader was claiming that now he much surpassed Kenobi in skill and also power, making lock metaphorically master and also pupil.

See TV Tropes "We fulfill again" and TV Tropes "Surpassed the teacher".

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