It’s truly the finish of an era: Pretty little Liars is officially leaving Netflix.

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The streaming business announced the sad news top top Sunday, June 16, composing on Twitter that the Freeform collection will it is in making its leave on July 27. Currently, all seven periods are easily accessible on Netflix.

“7 seasons, 160 episodes, 125 threatening texts, 10 A’s, and too plenty of lies to count,” the official Netflix Twitter account wrote. “On July 27, we have to say goodbye come Pretty tiny Liars on Netflix in the US.” if there’s still six weeks to finish a re-watch (or party the whole thing because that the an initial time), the article alerts united state to the reality that it’ll take 6 days and also 16 hours to execute so. Friend might call that a lot, yet I speak to that a an obstacle I’m happy to accept.

Naturally, pan weren’t happy about this news. Several members of the PLL military responded with appropriately placed reaction gifs, while rather expressed their grief with crying emojis. And also some it seems to be ~ resigned come the show’s fate, pledging to carry out a re-watch one last time before PLL’s last hour.

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While yes no word yet if PLL will be picked up by any other streaming services, some fans are speculating the it can find a new home ~ above Disney+, the forthcoming streaming service slated because that rollout in November 2019. Disney owns Freeform, for this reason it’s absolutely a possibility, though no main confirmation has actually been given at this time. (You can, however, bet that we’ll be payment close attention, due to the fact that a life there is no PLL feels…well…something prefer spending months in the Dollhouse.)

Pretty little Liars first premiered in 2010, and it has been a Netflix mainstay for the past several years. Season 7b (the show’s critical installment) joined the streaming service in July 2017, simply one month ~ the series finale unveiled the mysterious identity of “A.D.”

So over there you have it, my fellow PLL military members. We’ve got six weeks to relive the magic before it’s gone forever…unless, of course, Caleb and Mona discover a way to hack Netflix. Just a thought!

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