We’ve recently covered shore Guard fire extinguisher requirements. Today, our question to prize is as adheres to – where is the ideal place to save a fire extinguisher ~ above a boat?

There are countless sides to this question that watercraft owners might not also think about. Well, below, we’ll cover the vital points pertaining to storing fire extinguisher on a boat.

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Fire extinguisher because that a boat.

As a basic rule, fire extinguishers have to be stored near areas that have actually a high danger of fire. ~ above boats, among these areas are:

The kitchen.The engine compartment.The fuel warehouse compartment.Pretty much almost everywhere where there are flammable materials.

You should have actually a look about your boat and identify high-risk areas. Wherever you have actually fuel, flammability materials, or noþeles else the may capture fire, there should be a fire extinguisher.

With the said, because that maximum safety and accessibility, there room a couple of things that you should keep in mind.

Are There any kind of Regulations for Fire Extinguisher place On Boats?

The joined States coast Guard does no have specific requirements in terms of fire extinguisher warehouse location. The only thing storage-wise that they need is a mounting bracket.

If you are brand-new to maritime fire extinguishers, then likewise check the end our post on fire extinguisher demands on boats. There are plenty that must-to-know things there.

Fire Extinguishers need to Be located At A Safe street From High-Risk Items

First and also foremost, her fire extinguisher should be located at a safe distance from items the are most likely to catch fire.

By that, we average that friend shouldn’t location your fire extinguisher right beside a fuel tank or right next to the engine. The fire extinguisher need to be nearby, yet not also close.

The reason for this is that you must have the ability to safely accessibility your fire extinguisher in one emergency. If her fire extinguisher is stored right beside a burn fuel tank, then you will certainly be risking your health and life to with it.

In contrast, if the fire extinguisher was stored alongside a surrounding doorway, friend would have the ability to safely access it, and you would certainly have enough time to approach the fire hazard, interact the fire extinguisher, and also tackle the fire.

Fire Extinguishers should Be save In A clearly shows And available Location

The second important guideline to keep in mental is that fire extinguishers need to be clearly shows and accessible to everybody on board.

If you own the ship and also are the one who has determined fire extinguisher location, climate you will certainly know specifically where to walk in instance of a fire. Yet what about passengers? If you perform not perform a safety brief prior to the journey – i beg your pardon is a an excellent idea, by the method – your companions might not have the ability to quickly locate your fire extinguishers.

With the in mind, the finest place to save a fire extinguisher top top a boat would be:

Visible. choose a location that is visible from everywhere in that compartment. That way, anyone will have the ability to locate a fire extinguisher by just having a look around.Accessible. People need to not have to cover fifty percent of the ship to find a fire extinguisher.

Keep In mental The course Of her Fire Extinguisher

Finally, as soon as deciding the ar of her fire extinguishers, friend should likewise be mindful of the class of the fire extinguisher.

If you nothing quite recognize what fire extinguisher classes are, then check out our guide on maritime fire extinguisher demands – we talk about classes a bit more there.

But in short, relying on their source, fires room classified into:

Class A fires that are brought about by flammability solids, such as wood or paper.Class B fires the are resulted in by combustible liquids, such together gasoline.Class C fires that are brought about by electric devices.Class D fires the involve metals.Class K fires that involve food preparation oils or fat.
Fire Extinguisher classes By macrovector / Freepik

Each fire class must be extinguished by a equivalent fire extinguisher type. Course B fires have to be treated v a form B fire extinguisher, for example. A fire extinguisher the one form is not suitable for a fire of an additional type.

Back to being mindful that fire extinguisher types. What we typical by this is that you should not save a form A fire extinguisher close to fuel tanks. Fuel tanks would cause a class B fire, which can not be extinguished by kind A fire extinguishers.

With the in mind, determine fire hazards and also make certain that over there is an proper fire extinguisher nearby.

Furthermore, if over there is a ar with lot of fire hazards of various classes, then select a fire extinguisher that can treat them. Friend can discover AB, BC, ABC, and also other species of fire extinguishers that can extinguish an ext than one fire type.

Proper Mounting & warehouse Of Fire Extinguishers

In this section, us will have actually a look at a couple of important advice on suitable fire extinguisher mounting and also storage.

Use Mounting Brackets

A fire extinguisher mounted on the wall.

First off, you need to absolutely use the mounting brackets the come through your fire extinguisher. There space three huge reasons for this:

Longevity. While you are cruising, your fire extinguisher will certainly not it is in jumping roughly its warehouse cabinet, meaning that it’s unlikely to gain damaged if in transit.Safety. A fire extinguisher the is not an installed is a safety danger for those top top board.Visibility & accessibility. Without a mounting bracket, you only have actually so many locations where fire extinguishers may be save safely. And most that these areas aren’t also visible and also accessible. V a mounting bracket, you may mount fire extinguishers in one optimal location.

Horizontal vs Upright Storage

Modern fire extinguishers deserve to be stored one of two people upright or horizontally. Since their contents are pressurized, they must not settle at the bottom of the fire extinguisher or leak.

Some larger fire extinguishers might only be suitable for upright storage, however. You should examine out the label of her fire extinguishers to figure out a proper means of storage because that them.

Keep Larger and Heavier Fire Extinguishers Closer to The Floor

OSHA recommends storing heavy fire extinguishers closer come the floor. Much more precisely:

The transferring handles that fire extinguishers lighter 보다 40 pounds must be placed no higher than 5 feet from the floor.The transporting handles the fire extinguishers heavier 보다 40 pounds should be no 3.5 feet higher from the floor.

No matter the weight, fire extinguishers should likewise be mounted with their bottoms no less than 4 inches over the floor.

How numerous Fire Extinguishers should You have On A Boat?

There are two sides to this question:

Legality. How plenty of fire extinguishers have to you have on plank to comply through the law?Safety. How plenty of fire extinguishers must you have to keep her vessel safe?

When it pertains to the law, right here is how many fire extinguishers you need to have:

Boat lengthWithout a addressed fire suppression systemWith one approved fixed fire suppression system
How countless Fire Extinguishers have to You have On A Boat?

So, you need simply a couple of kind B fire extinguishers.

However, how countless fire extinguishers need to you have for safety? Well, the more, the better.

For some perspective, OSHA recommends placing type B fire extinguishers at many 50 feet apart. This is a an excellent guideline to follow to choose a proper number of fire extinguishers.

Another thing to store in psychic is the fire extinguisher type. The USGC only requires form B fire extinguishers because class B fires room the most typical on boats. However, fires of other classes may happen too.

With that in mind, if you have combustible cargo that can reason fires of other classes, girlfriend should gain yourself ideal fire extinguishers.

Fire Extinguishers Types.

Do Fire Extinguishers walk Bad?

Since we space talking around storage, it’s additionally worth briefly covering fire extinguisher longevity. We’ve talked around this in our fire extinguisher demands post, but we’ll recap whatever here too due to the fact that it’s pertinent to the topic.

Fire extinguishers perform not go poor if stored properly, but they deserve to have “expiration dates” after i m sorry they should be replaced. Even past the expiration date, a fire extinguisher i will not ~ necessarily go bad, but it’s a good idea no to save decade-old fire extinguishers around.

You should also replace fire extinguishers if:

They are used, damaged, corroded, or leaking.They must be turn upside down to it is in used. These are older fire extinguishers that usage soda acid, foam, water cartridge, or loaded stream cartridge agents.They use toxic agents such together carbon tetrachloride or chlorobromomethane.They have actually a covering of copper or brass joined by rivets or soft solder.Their manufacturer is out of business, in which case your fire extinguisher is probably really old.

Where is the ideal Place to store a Fire Extinguisher top top a boat – final Words

So wherein is the best place to save a fire extinguisher on a boat? Well, the storage location should be:

Visible.Safely accessible.Near the source of a possible fire.

Additionally, your fire extinguisher should have the ability to tackle fires that are likely where the is stored.


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