The number one reason of injury or death when hunting from a tree stand or other elevated platform is falls.

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Falls native elevated stand are resulted in by:Incorrect placement and also use the equipmentMistakes when climbing right into or the end of the standEquipment gift damaged through exposure come the elements, the hunter’s lack of knowledge about the equipment, or extreme wear or anxiety on the equipmentTo defend yourself, use good judgment and follow this precautions, constantly putting safety first. Purchase a advertising stand the is manufactured, certified, and also tested to industry standards. Read the manufacturer’s instructions, and watch the video clip that accompanies the stand. Testimonial this information each season prior to using the stand. Attach your FAS come the tree while at ground level, and also keep the attached throughout her hunt—from the moment you leaving the ground until you get back down. usage a tree was standing only throughout daylight hours. Practice very first with your tree stand and FAS in ~ ground level, making use of all safety tools that were included with the stand. Then continue to practice, progressively going higher. Once climbing into or out of a tree stand, always use 3 points of contact with your hands and feet. Store a firm organize on the climbing mechanism as you go into or leaving a platform, and also don’t permit go until you’re certain you room secure.Stay tethered come the tree.Step under onto the facility of the platform. Get enough sleep come ensure that you are well-rested before using a tree stand. Bring a signaling device, such as a whistle, radio, or cell phone, come let others know if you have a problem. Take your time and also plan every move you do while installing and also using an elevated stand. Inspect your stand closely prior to every use. Perform not leaving a stand attached to a tree for an ext than two weeks. Never exceed the weight limit of her stand or FAS. Remember that the weight contains you plus her equipment. Perform not climb through anything in her hands or on your back. Usage a to draw line. Raise and also lower all hunting devices on the opposite side of the tree from her climbing route. Always call someone where you room hunting and when you will certainly return.


Most tree stand drops occur as soon as a hunter is climbing increase or under a tree. Be certain to use a fall-arrest system at every times when your feet are off the ground.


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