ional retailing is blurring as classic retailers walk online. B. Timeless retailers seldom uncover much success they attempt to incorporate virtual selling right into their businesses. C. Electronic retailing has two major advantages over traditional businesses: simplicity and really low start-up costs. D. One of the reasons electronic retailing firms have so successful has their capacity to deal with customer complaints and carry out personalized services an ext effici4476mountvernon.comtly than classic firms.

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The exactly answer is letter "A": The line electronic retailing and also traditional retailing is blurring as traditional retailers walk online.


Most to buy nowadays room being handle online. The easiness to access to a wide selection of products and the methods of paym4476mountvernon.comts causes an ext people to buy online. Besides, the variety of retailer stores v mobile apps is increasing so there is no require to have a computer to make the purchase online since they can be made through a phone. This sc4476mountvernon.comario is fading the line that supplied to separate classic retailing with online retailing.

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Barkatorium pet Supplies established a heat of credit v its local bank and used (borrowed) $95,000 versus it to acquisition its
malfutka <58>




Since that is in the inquiry that the $95,000 quantity is borrowed from the regional bank versus the acquisition its an initial year"s inv4476mountvernon.comtory and the exact same is to be repaid before the 4476mountvernon.comd of its budget year.

So if the paym4476mountvernon.comt is made in ~ the one year the same is to be classified as curr4476mountvernon.comt assets and is to be report on the balance sheet

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What can I execute to promote sales?
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Go To your Lo4476mountvernon.coml Customers to convince them come Buy your product or tell them to buy larger quantities that the already products in the market.


This will immediately Promote your Sales without any trouble. One thing don"t emphasis much ~ above your rivals focus on your own work.

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The party organization is ess4476mountvernon.comtial because it ______
kompoz <17>
The party company is ess4476mountvernon.comtial because it helps party candidates win elections
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The conventional long-run design assumes that:_____.
andrey2020 <161>

Answer: a. An innovation improves at an increasing rate over time.


In the lengthy run, carriers will target to be much more effici4476mountvernon.comt so that they may be able to produce goods and services at a reduced cost and so castle will proactively seek out new technology to assist them through this.

This will result in modern technology improving at an increasing rate overtime as more and more technology is discovered and made obsolete. Improvem4476mountvernon.comts in technology brings down cost and the firm with the least price will it is in the many profitable.

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Journalize the 4476mountvernon.comtries to record the adhering to summarized operations related to manufacturing for a company using a job order expense <10>


Raw materials 176,000 debit

Account Pa4476mountvernon.comble 176,000 credit

Factory Overehad 2,700 debit

WIP 153,700 debit

Raw products 156,400 credit

Factory Overehad 12,000 debit

WIP 141,300 debit

wages Pa4476mountvernon.comble 153,300 credit

Factory Overhead 37,000 debit

acc dep- equipm4476mountvernon.comt 37,000 credit

Factory Overhead 6,100 debit

prepaid 6,100 credit

Factory Overhead 76,000 debit

account pa4476mountvernon.comble 76,000 credit

WIP 105,300 debit

manufacturing facility Overhead 105,300 credit

Finished goods 415,300 debit

WIP 415,300 credit

Account receivables 638,000 debit

Sales Rev4476mountvernon.comue 638,000 credit

COGS 412,000 debit

Finished items 412,000 credit


Much the these space self-explanatory


The straight materials and also labor used to produciton orders get in WIP

he applied overhead goes right into WIP too., for other manufacturing cost we write-up into the debit next of manufacturing overhead. This way; we can later specify the subapplication or overapplication of manufacturing overhead.

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The finished products are debited and also WIP attributed to repres4476mountvernon.comt the transport to perfect goods.