Once released, renin functions to enzymatically break-up (cleave) circulating angiotensinogen right into angiotensin I. Wherein is angiotensinogen made?

in the heart

in the liver

in the kidney

in the lung

During inhalation,

the diaphragm relaxes.

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oxygen molecule move into the lungs, and also carbon dioxide molecules relocate out of the lungs.

air move up the trachea.

the volume the the thoracic cavity decreases.

the diaphragm and rib muscle contract.

From i beg your pardon structures perform oxygen molecules move from the lungs to the blood?






Which statement is correct?

As oxygen diffuses from the lungs right into capillaries, blood i do not care deoxygenated.

Oxygen is exit from the mitochondria as a product of cellular respiration.

Oxygen diffuses from big blood vessels right into the body"s cells.

Carbon dioxide diffuses native the alveoli into surrounding capillaries.

In the blood, oxygen is bound to hemoglobin, a protein uncovered in red blood cells.

After blood i do not care oxygenated,

it return to the heart, and is climate pumped to body cells.

it go not go back to the heart, however goes straight to the lungs.

it walk not return to the heart, however goes straight to capillaries that supply the body"s cells through oxygen.

it returns to the heart, and also is then pumped come the lungs.

it walk not go back to the heart, yet goes to the nose and also mouth.


uses ATP to relocate oxygen from blood to human body cells.

is a protein that can bind four molecules that oxygen.

has 5 subunits.

is the website of cellular respiration.

is found in blood plasma.

Art-based Question

BioFlix Activity: Gas Exchange -- Inhaling and ExhalingInhalation and exhalation are facilitated by the job-related of her diaphragm and rib muscles.

To evaluation these processes, clock this BioFlix animation: Gas Exchange: Mechanics of Breathing.


A: Inhalation

B: Exhalation

C: exterior Intercostal muscles Contract

D: air Enters Body

E: Air pipeline Body

F: internal Intercostal muscles Contract

H: Diaphragm Relaxes (Moves Up)

G: Diaphragm contract (Moves Down)

Which that the following pressures should remain an unfavorable to protect against lung collapse?

atmospheric pressure

intrapulmonary pressure

transpulmonary pressure

intrapleural pressure

__________ pressure, the difference in between the intrapulmonary and also intrapleural pressures, avoids the lung from collapsing.





According to this spirographic record, what is the complete volume that exchangeable air because that a normal male?

2400 milliliters

3600 milliliters

4800 milliliters

6000 milliliters

Which volumes are an unified to carry out the inspiratory capacity?

expiratory reserve volume (ERV) and also residual volume (RV)

tidal volume (TV), inspiratory reserve volume (IRV), expiratory reserve volume (ERV), and residual volume (RV)

tidal volume (TV) and inspiratory make reservation volume (IRV)

tidal volume (TV), inspiratory make reservation volume (IRV), and expiratory reserve volume (ERV)

Which of the complying with findings continuously matches pulmonary role with problems with ventilation?

A human being with a reduced FVC and FEV1 has actually an obstructive disorder.

A human being with a FEV1 listed below 80% has a border disorder.

A person with diminished FVC and increased FEV1 has actually an obstructive disorder.

A human with a decreased FVC and a common FEV1 has a limit disorder.

Which the the complying with would induce the loss of oxygen from the hemoglobin and also the blood?

a drop in blood pH

increase in hemoglobin that has actually oxygen bound to it already

decreases in plasma carbon dioxide

a decrease in blood temperature

What is the many common technique of carbon dioxide transport?

as bicarbonate ion in the plasma

chemically bound come hemoglobin together oxyhemoglobin

chemically bound to hemoglobin as carbaminohemoglobin

dissolved in the plasma

Which that the following finest describes the chloride shift as viewed in the figure?

Chloride is gotten rid of from hemoglobin when carbon dioxide binding to it.

Chloride binds bicarbonate and also allows an ext of it come be lugged in the bloodstream.

Chloride rushes into RBCs to counterbalance the outflow the bicarbonate.

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Chloride is taken the end of the blood to counterbalance the inflow the carbon dioxide.

Which form of CO2 carry accounts because that the the very least amount of CO2 transported in blood?

chemically bound come hemoglobin

as bicarbonate ion in plasma

dissolved in plasma

as carbon monoxide in plasma

Which the the adhering to is the primary variable in oxygen"s attachment to, or release from, hemoglobin?