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opinion, view, belief, conviction, persuasion, sentiment mean a judgment one holds as true. opinion implies a conclusion thought out yet open to dispute. each expert seemed to have a different opinion view suggests a subjective opinion. very assertive in stating his views belief implies often deliberate acceptance and intellectual assent. a firm belief in her party"s platform conviction applies to a firmly and seriously held belief. the conviction that animal life is as sacred as human persuasion suggests a belief grounded on assurance (as by evidence) of its truth. was of the persuasion that everything alters sentiment suggests a settled opinion reflective of one"s feelings. her feminist sentiments are well-known

It would take a lot of persuasion to get him to agree to such an offer. Most kids don"t need much persuasion to use computers. people of all different persuasions
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Recent Examples on the Internet Effective marketing is, in many respects, the same as making an effective argument, and all effective arguments function through various methods of persuasion. — James O"connor, Forbes, 2 Sep. 2021 There are downsides to using profits as a tool of persuasion, though. — Sarah Todd, Quartz, 29 July 2021 In electoral politics parlance (and per the 2020 Democratic election autopsy now circulating), everyone is now a persuasion target. — Mike Konczal, The New Republic, 4 Aug. 2021 On the persuasion side, Gray said there have been few efforts to incentivized people to get a vaccine. — al, 26 July 2021 The digital effort will include a series of extensive voter information campaigns, going beyond a more traditional approach that would consist solely of persuasion ads. — Nick Corasaniti, New York Times, 22 June 2021 As the school year ends and summer approaches, the persuasion campaign to convince families to choose in-person learning this fall is on with a vengeance. — Washington Post, 3 June 2021 Bandura found that these observations were more effective than persuasion. — Amandeep Midha, Forbes, 18 May 2021 The Taliban’s strategy of coercion and persuasion was repeated across the country, unfolding for months as a focal point of the insurgents’ new offensive this year. — New York Times, 18 Aug. 2021

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History and Etymology for persuasion

Middle English persuasioun, from Middle French or Latin; Middle French persuasion, from Latin persuasion-, persuasio, from persuadēre