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An technique to psychotherapy the uses techniques from various creates of therapy is claimed to be


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While concentrating on several intrusive think that had actually been bothering she recently, Jenny was instructed by her therapist to report any kind of ideas or memories engendered by this thoughts. Jenny\"s therapist to be making usage of a method known as

active association.systematic desensitization.transference.

Classical psychoanalysis most plainly involves

encouraging patients to closely observe the results of their maladaptive behaviors.minimizing the opportunity that patient would endure anxiety during therapy.discouraging patient from utilizing antidepressant drugs.interpreting the meaning of patients\" resistance come therapeutic procedures.

Who emphasized the prestige of active listening in the procedure of psychotherapy?

Mary cover Jones. Carl Rogers. Sigmund Freud. Hans Eysenck

A therapist help Rebecca overcome her fear of water by acquiring her come swim in the family\"s backyard pool 3 times a work for two consecutive weeks. The therapist\"s technique to help Rebecca ideal illustrates

dialectical actions therapy.aversive conditioning.exposure therapy.client-centered therapy.

Systematic desensitization is a form of

aversive conditioning.exposure therapy.operant conditioning.cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Cognitive therapy is most likely to

focus one-of-a-kind attention top top clients\" optimistic and an unfavorable feelings around their therapists.employ personality tests to accurately diagnose clients\" difficulties.emphasize the importance of clients\" personal interpretations that life events.systematically associate clients\" undesirable habits with unpleasant experiences.

Nancy\"s therapist motivates her to think about her strengths quite than her weaknesses and to build a habit that thanking others when they compliment she or carry out emotional support. The therapist\"s method best illustrates

psychoanalysis.client-centered therapy.cognitive-behavioral therapy.virtual fact exposure therapy.

Because she incorrectly believes that the natural remedy she is using will aid her shed weight, Mrs. Redding is emotion a considerable reduction in her appetite. This best illustrates

a randomized clinical trial.the therapeutic alliance.the placebo effect.evidence-based practice.

The most convincing evidence for the efficiency of psychotherapy come from

studies of client satisfaction with the treatment received.reports from therapists concerning their perceptions of customer improvement.meta-analyses that psychotherapeutic result studies.the reactions of family and also friends come those who have recently undertaken psychotherapeutic treatment.

Psychotherapy is likely to be most effective when a client\"s difficulty involves

a clear-cut and particular problem.unconscious conflicts.a response to a stressful life situation.self-inflicted suffering

Evidence-based practice involves making therapeutic care decisions based upon integrating the best easily accessible research with clinical field of expertise and

unconditional optimistic regard.cost management requirements.a 12-step program.patient preferences and characteristics.

Which the the adhering to is most clearly a key element common by all effective psychotherapies?

methodical desensitization. One eclectic approach. Meta-analysis. A new perspective on life

Therapists who encourage clients to think primarily around others\" expectation are specifically likely come experience challenge developing a strong therapeutic alliance through clients who value

evidence-based practice.light exposure therapy.meta-analysis.individualism

The double-blind method is most most likely to be supplied in examining the effectiveness of

cognitive therapies.behavior therapies.humanistic therapies.drug therapies.

Tardive dyskinesia is linked with the irreversible use of particular ________ drugs.

antianxiety. Antipsychotic. Antidepressant. Mood-stabilizing

Which the the adhering to individuals is most most likely to benefit from lithium?

Olivia, who experiences delusions and auditory hallucinations. Landon, that experiences a generalised sense the apprehension and also anxiety. Miranda, that experiences durations of extreme sadness followed by episodes of positive overexcitement. Ivan, who experiences sudden quick episodes of extreme dread and panic

Miranda, who experiences periods of extreme sadness adhered to by illustration of optimistic overexcitement

Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation is administered come patients who ________, and it to produce ________ memory loss 보다 ECT.

first receive a general anesthetic; lessfirst receive a basic anesthetic; moreare broad awake; lessare broad awake; more

Preventive mental health and wellness attempts to reduce the likelihood of emotional disorders by

enabling more people come see expert psychotherapists.encouraging depressed civilization to take more personal responsibility for their own problems.establishing program to wipe the end poverty and other demoralizing social conditions.emphasizing the prestige of utilizing a biomedical method to therapy.

During her weekly treatment sessions, Sabrina will frequently abruptly transition the emphasis of she attention and lose her train the thought. A psychoanalyst would indicate that this illustrates relaxation.resistance.unconditional positive regard.

Who emphasized the prestige of transference in the therapeutic process?

Hans Eysenck. Aaron Beck. Carl Rogers. Sigmund Freud

Client-centered therapists emphasize the prestige of

interpreting the definition of clients\" nonverbal behaviors.enabling clients to feel unconditionally accepted.helping clients build a perform of anxiety-triggering situations.discouraging client from using drugs.

To assist Adam alleviate his are afraid of dogs, a therapist encourages him to physically relax and also then just imagine that he is walking toward a friendly and harmless small dog. The therapist\"s method best illustrates

psychodynamic therapy.operant association.systematic desensitization.

To aid Janet get rid of her practically irresistible craving for chocolate, a therapist gives her v a supply of cacao candies that contain coagulation droplets the a harmless but very bitter-tasting substance. This method to treatment best illustrates

systematic desensitization.transference.aversive conditioning.cognitive-behavioral therapy.

In a home for troubled youth, teenagers receive big colored buttons as soon as they hang up your clothes, make their beds, and come come meals on time. The adolescents return the buttons to employee members to receive bedtime snacks or watch TV. This finest illustrates

light exposure therapy.systematic desensitization.a token economy.virtual reality exposure therapy.

A kind of cognitive-behavioral therapy that helps readjust harmful and even suicidal habits patterns is well-known as

virtual fact exposure therapy.a token economy.systematic desensitization.dialectical actions therapy.

Which that the following is most likely to cause inflated client perceptions the the performance of your psychotherapy?

randomized clinical trials. The placebo effect. Evidence-based practice. Meta-analysis

Many medical professionals did not realize the bleeding was an ineffective therapy for typhoid fever until researchers made effective use of

systematic desensitization.randomized clinical trials.a control group.exposure therapies.

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Which type of psychotherapy has had actually especially great results in treating phobias?

dialectical behavior therapy. Psychoanalysis. Client-centered therapy. Behavior conditioning therapy

Which of the following factors is no a therapeutically effective component of eye motion desensitization and also reprocessing?

reliving traumatic memories. Rapidly relocating one\"s be sure therapeutic environment. Patients\" anticipation that the treatment will work

The most reliable psychotherapists room those who

employ personality tests come accurately diagnose your clients\" difficulties.have had plenty of years of suffer practicing psychotherapy.establish one empathic, caring connection with their clients.discourage client from making use of antianxiety or antidepressant drugs.

Which the the complying with drugs is most most likely to administer schizophrenia patients v some relief from their auditory hallucinations and paranoia?


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