Mehgan James Biography

Mehgan James is an American actress, TV personality and model who rose to fame for her duty in Higan (2017), Basketball Wives (2017), The battle aircraft Prayer (2017) and Dumbish (2015). Mehgan is the eldest in a family members of six youngsters who occurred a enthusiasm for exhilaration at a very young age. Therefore, after ~ graduating indigenous the college of Houston, Mehgan auditioned and also got a chance to show up in a reality show called The terrible Girls Club.

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Then she showed up in another TV collection named 50 Cent: Money and Power and became one of the finalists because that the show. Later on, James rose to prominence after playing a function in bad Girls Clubs from 2014 to 2016. In the show, Mehgan identified the duty of a negative girl which to be well welcomed by the public. As well as that, she is likewise an original cast member the Basketball Wives: LA.

Mehgan James Age

Mehgan is 30 year old together of 2020, she was born on February 11, 1990, in Houston City, Texas in the unified States. She additionally celebrates her birthdays on 11th February every year and also her birth sign is Aquarius.

Mehgan James Height

Mehgan James Weight

James weighs 63 kg. Her hair and also eye shade are black.

Mehgan James Eye and Hair Color

Mehgan’s eyes color is blue and the hair color is dark-brown. Furthermore, her bust, waist, and also hips space 34, 26, and 37 respectively.

Mehgan James Husband

James was reported to it is in in a partnership with Rob Kardashian. However, the couple never released any type of information around being in one intimate connection together.

Well, Mehgan James was additionally in a past relationship v the former NBA player Kedrick Brown. The pair dated because that a lengthy time and likewise shared a many of images on their social media platforms.

The reason behind their separation is not yet confirmed. Indigenous there, Mehgan was additionally rumored to have dated Quincy Miller. However she confirmed that the rumors were false. Currently, Mehgan has decided to live a sing life and focusing much more on her career rather than dating.

Mehgan James Plastic Surgery

Sources have actually revealed that James had actually undergone plastic surgical treatment to achieve her goal body prior to the year 2019 ended. They claimed that she had actually to go through some light cosmetic surgery due to the fact that of being teased by Draya Michele. Draya a truth star furious Mehgan by calling she a FUPA. However, Meghan has never come the end publicly to check if the speculations about her plastic surgical procedure were true or false.

Mehgan James Fashion Line

Meghan developed her very own Fashion line after her exit from Basketball Wives. Though she has not mutual anything around her fashion line, Meghan to be featured a reality collection called psychic Your very own business. In the episode, Meghan is provided tips on just how to grow and maintain her fashion line. Examine the trailer of ‘Mind your Own company with Meghan James’ down below.

 Mehgan James poor Girls Club

This is a 2006 film around a new group of diverse young ladies who think about themselves bad girls. The females spend 4 months sharing a residence in Los Angeles and also open up around their interpersonal relationship to the camera. Meghan appears in the reality present as herself.

Mehgan James Basketball Wives

Basketball collection is one American reality TV series about finest friends that have more than common companionship together. They space either the wife or ex-wife, the ex-girlfriend or girlfriend of one NBA superstar. Also though lock ride high-quality cars and live in luxurious mansions, they also disclose the reality that life is no always about glamour and also fame.

They also share the battles they are undergoing or had actually undergone through their NBA superstar boyfriends and Husbands. Mehgan left the reality present in September 2019. The reasons for her departure are tho unknown.

Mehgan James network Worth

Mehgan has an estimated net worth of $400 thousand together of 2020. This includes her assets, money and also income. Her primary source of income is her career as a television Personality, Model and actress. V her assorted sources the income, Mehgan has actually been able come accumulate a good fortune but prefers to command a modest lifestyle.

Mehgan James Measurements and Facts

Here room some exciting facts and also body measurements you have to know around James.


Mehgan James Movies

Marriage boots Camp: reality Stars (TV Show)Bad girl All-Star battle (TV Show)Basketball Wives LA (TV Show) Bad Girls society (TV Show)Bad girl All-Star battle So society (TV Show)

Mehgan James TV Shows

Miss James has actually received credits indigenous the adhering to TV Shows:

2017 Basketball Wives LA (TV Show)2016 negative Girls All-Star fight (TV Show)2014 bad Girls Club

Frequently request Questions about Mehgan James

Who is Mehgan James?

Mehgan is an American actress, TV personality and model who increased to fame because that her function in Higan (2017), Basketball Wives (2017), The fighters Prayer (2017) and Dumbish (2015). Mehgan is the eldest in a family of six children who occurred a enthusiasm for exhilaration at a very young age.

How old is Mehgan James?

Mehgan is an American nationwide born top top 11 February 1990, in Texas City, Texas.

How tall is Mehgan James?

Mehgan stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches.

Is Mehgan James Married?

No, Mehgan is not married. However, she has been in a partnership with rob Kardashian and Kedrick Brown. Us will upgrade you once she it s okay into one more relationship or we discover any type of helpful information around her love life.

Who is Meghan James Husband?

As the 2020, Meghan is single.

How lot is Mehgan James Worth?

Mehgan has an approximate net worth of approximately $400 thousand. This amount has actually been accrued from her leading functions in the entertainment industry.

Why did Mehgan leave basketball wives?

Mehgan left throughout the eighth season that Basketball wives as result of a autumn out v a fellow actors member named Evelyn Lozada.

Where go Mehgan James live?

Mehgan is a resides of Houston, Texas, USA, us shall upload pictures of her house as soon as we have actually them indigenous a credible source.

Is Mehgan James dead or alive?

Mehgan is quiet alive and in an excellent health. There have been no reports of her being noble or having any type of health-related issues.

Where is Mehgan James now?

Mehgan is tho an energetic participant in the creative entertainment industry, she is a cast member the the recently released film referred to as Hogan.

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