Currently i am not blessed with the financial for free to have the ability to afford cable television. Ns get every one of my TV viewing from online resources such as Hulu. However, not too long back you could find me any type of time of the day sit on my bed watching the Nickelodeon classic SpongeBob SquarePants. The present is about a witty sponge, whose surname is Bob, and his day-to-day musings with males like Patrick the Starfish and also Squidward Tentacles. Any number of episodes requires SpongeBob and also his day task as a chef in ~ the Krusty Krab. He encounters anything native a micromanaging ceo to variety of awkward and also demanding customers. Yet the little sponge loves his job and, indigenous the feeling I obtain from the show, would certainly not profession it for the world.

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But SpongeBob has actually a the majority of history. He is not simply the star that a midday kid’s show on Nickelodeon yet he is a legend in his own right. I wanted to take it this opportunity to comment on some that his background as the is often mistaken together a an easy cartoon character. Simply as Bugs Bunny is an ext than one animated form of entertainment, SpongeBob SquarePants is an instant standard in not only our youth but additionally in adult alike.

When looking at whereby Mr. Bob came from, you can thank the one and also only Jacques Cousteau. The is well-known as the guy behind the innovation of SpongeBob. Well, kind of. ~ finding impetus in Cousteau films, SpongeBob creator Stephen Hillenburg checked out earn a greater degree and also earned one in a natural source planning with focus in maritime resources. The taught naval biology at the Orange County maritime Institute for number of years prior to pursuing his 2nd love. He had constantly had an attention in animation. You i will not ~ think that naval biology and animation necessarily go together, but Hillenburg married his two careers and also came up with the squishy yellow male that made the famous. Hillenburg knows the combination is a strange one together he is known for saying, “When you set out to do a show about a sponge, friend don’t mean the kind of appeal that he’s had.”

I could not be the biggest supporter that the leader in the White House, however he does gain some high quality time through the Bob. President Obama called TV Guide in 2007 the his favourite cartoon character is “SpongeBob SquarePants.” He claimed this because SpongeBob is a display he watches through his daughters. So regardless of whether his daughters are the actual pan of the fight TV display or that is important an under the sea type of guy, I have to admit that I finally can agree v something that Obama has said.

Did you recognize that Mr. Bob resides in a pineapple? In the theme song you can even hear lock say, “Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?” The prize is SpongeBob SquarePants. Therefore why go SpongeBob live in a pineapple? If girlfriend pay fist to the show, not just do nautical and also sailing motifs come increase on a continuous basis, Polynesian recommendations are frequently thrown right into the mix too (surely you’ve noticed Squidward’s Easter Island head home). Pineapples are used generally in dry decor, however the creator also imagines that SpongeBob would as with the method living in a pineapple would smell. I truly enjoy a new pineapple native time to time and also I can only imagine the scent the it would exude if ns were come live in one.

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There room other personalities in the display that you must pay fist to. SpongeBob’s neighbor, Squidward, is one of them. He has actually a piss bad attitude around life and also hates living next to Bob. The is easily annoyed also which does not aid the truth that he likewise works with SpongeBob. But if you’ve ever before paid near attention, you have actually probably noticed that Squidward lacks the proper number of tentacles to be a ink or one octopus (the present has described him together both end the year so no one really know what he important is supposed to be). The animators believed that giving Squidward more than six legs would simply weigh him under too lot visually, for this reason they made decision to go v inaccuracy over bad aesthetics. Yet that makes sense because SpongeBob is plainly a kitchen sponge, no a sea sponge. (Are you starting to see that ns watch a little too much of this television display than I probably should?)

The last piece of SpongeBob trivia that I will certainly leave you v is one that a the majority of his fans are marketed on. There is a huge population the followers the end there that think SpongeBob is gay. (Please ignore the fact that i drive a Smart car, the I reap wearing pink shirts and also ties, and also that i love techno music.) SpongeBob is not gay however much you store telling yourself that. According to Entertainment Weekly, SpongeBob appears to have actually a loyal adhering to in the happy community due to the fact that of his “flamboyant and tolerant attitude.” SpongeBob came under fire as soon as two Christian activist groups singled him the end for holding hands with his finest friend, Patrick. Evangelist James Dobson asserted the video was a “pro-homosexual” video. “I always think that the personalities as being rather asexual,” he said, adding, ”I do think that the mindset of the show is around tolerance. Everyone is different, and the display embraces that,” he says. ”No one is shut out.”

If you have not checked out the show I very encourage that you take a half an hour the end of your day this day and try to capture a rerun top top Nickelodeon. You will surely have the ability to find part time in her schedule as soon as you see exactly how funny this display is and how very closely you deserve to relate come it even though the is plan to it is in a show for children. I watch that every chance I get, and I also have began thinking about collecting his memorabilia. But with my Rickey Henderson, Tiger Woods, and beer cap collections, including one much more might be a little too lot for me (and mine girlfriend) come handle. So acquire out there and catch some SquarePants the next chance friend get. Ns promise you will not it is in disappointed.