Several users have actually reported the they are no longer able to preview documents inside Google drive or Gmail. When some users report the they are suddenly unable to preview all documents, rather are just prevented from previewing particular documents. The Whoops! There was a trouble previewing this document error is report to occur with all browsers consisting of Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge and Safari browsers.

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Whoops! There to be a difficulty previewing this document

While this is by far the most constant occurence, the problem is not exclusive to PDF papers – some individuals encounter this problem with Excel or word documents. Once this problem occurs, the user has actually the alternative to download the document in question or to try and open it with secondary Google app.

What causes the There to be a problem previewing this paper error?

After investigating the issue and also looking at assorted user reports, we established a few culprits the are most likely leading to the issue. Here’s a list with constant scenarios that can lead come the apparition of the There to be a difficulty previewing this document error:

Internal Google bug – over there is an internal Google bug that will also occur when previewing stuff in the Gmail app. As per a Google official response, this problem might occur if Google journey decides come prioritize storing the paper rather 보다 streaming it. Apparently, this habits started occurring with variation 66.0.3359.139.The issue is brought about by the Disconnect extension – If you’re utilizing Chrome through the Disconnect extension, the concern is many likely caused by this plugin.The paper is not a precious attachment – Google drive or Gmail might refuse come preview the file because the doesn’t consider it a valid attachment. If the attachment is not taken into consideration secure, Google will certainly not do it obtainable for preview.3rd party firewall is blocking the connection – there are cases where this concern might be caused by one overprotective firewall that is impede the connection in between your computer and also Google’s servers.

How to resolve the There was a difficulty previewing this document error?

If you’re do the efforts to solve this particular problem, this write-up will provide you through a list of verified steps. Listed below you have actually a collection of techniques that other users in a comparable situation have actually used to solve or circumvent the issue.

For the finest results, start with the an initial method. If it’s not effective or you’re searching for a permanent fix, job-related your method down and follow the next methods in the order the they are presented till you uncover a fix that is reliable in your particular scenario.

Method 1: making use of the magnifier to correct the issue

This could seem choose an unconventional fix, yet a most users have actually used it successfully to circumvent the issue. Apparently, at any time this worry occurs it deserve to be repair by going to the bottom that the screen and also clicking the magnifier feature.

Using the magnifier come enlarge and also reduce the size

Several users report the by enlarging and also then to reduce the dimension of the page view, they to be able to exactly the issue. This can not seem elegant yet apparently, it has helped a many users to get around this issue. This fix is evidenced to job-related on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, yet it will certainly only occupational as long as the difficulty is caused by an inner Google drive bug.

However, if you shot to preview a huge document, you might find yourself having actually to go through a entirety cluster the Whoops pages in bespeak to settle the concern for every occurence. And also keep in mind that this settle is only temporary – an interpretation that you’ll likely need to repeat this procedure every time this error occurs.

If you’re looking for a permanent fix, move down come the next technique below.

Method 2: managing the Disconnect Chrome extension (if applicable)

As per assorted user reports, the worry can additionally be caused by the Disconnect Chrome extension. If you’re utilizing Chrome and also you have actually the Disconnect Chrome extension installed, you can resolve this worry by one of two people disabling the Disconnect extension for Gmail and also Google journey or by just uninstalling the expansion altogether.

If you decision to store the Disconnect extension simply visit the site that is displaying the error (most likely Gmail or Google drive). Next, click Disconnect’s shortcut symbol (top-right corner) and click on Whitelist site. When the site has actually been whitelisted, reload the page and see if the worry has been resolved.

If you decide to uninstall Disconnect completely, click the activity button (top-right corner) and also go come More tools > Extensions. Native the list of extensions, locate Disconnect and either disable it by using the toggle or click the Remove switch to delete the from your Chrome browser.

Remove or Disable Disconnect

Once the expansion has been removed, reload the page and see if the problem has to be resolved. If you’re quiet encountering the very same error message, continue with the method below.

Method 3: Uninstall third party firewall

As per some user reports, the problem might also occur if you’re using an overprotective 3rd party firewall. Apparently, certain security suites will finish up blocking the connection in between the user computer and Google’s servers.

If you’re making use of a third-party antivirus, the only way to test if it’s responsible because that the apparition the this error is to temporarily (or permanently) uninstall it from her system). Keep in mental that just disabling the software application will not be enough. Firewalls make certain changes the will stay in place also when the firewall is disabled or turned off.

If this scenario is applicable and also you want to uninstall the exterior firewall, here’s a rapid guide on how to perform so properly:

Press Windows key + R to open up up a Run box. Then, type “appwiz.cpl” and hit Enter to open up up Programs and also Features. If motivated by the UAC (User Account Control),  click on Yes.
Run dialog: appwiz.cpl Inside Programs and Features, scroll down through the list of applications and also locate her firewall suite. Once you perform so, right-click top top it and also choose Uninstall.Follow the on-screen prompts to uninstall the suite from her system.Restart your computer and see if the problem has been addressed at the next startup.

If the an approach is still no resolved, proceed down with the next method below.

Method 4: transform the record to a compatible format or size

Keep in mind that both Google Drive and Gmail aren’t compatible v all formats that can be used by the end users. Because of this, the  Whoops! There was a difficulty previewing this document error can occur if the document you’re trying to open is not sustained by Google. Here’s a list through compatible layouts that room supported by Google’s cloud service:


If her the kind of file you’re trying to preview is not amongst this list, transform it to a supported style and shot again.

Another potential trouble that could interfere through the previewing feature of Gmail or Google journey is the size of the document. Store in mind the both Google Drive and also Gmail have boundaries for documents and also presentations. Due to the fact that of this, they won’t preview a record if it’s over 50 MB or a presentation that is end 100 MB.

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If the paper that is no previewed is bigger than that, consider using a compression tool or dividing the tool right into two (or more) documents.