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EducationUniversity that Florida, Florida State UniversitySimilarStephanie Abrams , Todd gun , glenn Burns

Jennifer Lopez is an American on-camera meteorologist because that WSB-TV in Atlanta, Georgia and also The Weather Channel. She began her job in 1997 in ~ WTLV-TV in Jacksonville, Florida, and also joined The Weather Channel in 2000. She continued to be there until 2008, as soon as she began working at KXAS-TV in Dallas, Texas. She left KXAS-TV in 2012. She rejoined The Weather Channel in April 2013.

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1. Jennifer Lopez"s husband is a pilot v Southwest Airlines.

2. Except for the name, Lopez has actually nothing in usual with the American singer of the same name.

3. NBC 5 won 11 Lone Star Emmy Awards if Jenifer to be working through them together a meteorologist anchor.

4. When while Jennifer was about to go on wait at her studio, a young guy approached her & inquired if "real Jennifer Lopez" to be going come visit the studio. She nodded in a yes. The excited man, however, realised later on that the mrs he was talking to is Jennifer Lopez herself, not the singer and also actress yet the bulletin host. She stated the man looked in ~ her, turned sugar beet red and fled.

5. Adhering to all the confusion, Lopez also decided to switch to her married name in the year 2000. But the channel management advised her no to perform so together her American husband"s lock was an extremely much difficult to pronounce.

6. Joking about the same, Jennifer when said that the twinning of her name through the popular singer and also actress additionally has part plus points, especially while booking an appointment at a salon. The staff gets excited and gives she an instant slot, she said.

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In September 1997, Lopez landed her an initial position together a weekend meteorologist for WTLV-TV in Jacksonville, Florida. She was also a weather producer and also weekend meteorologist at WPTV-TV in West Palm Beach, Florida.

In might 2000, Lopez join The Weather Channel as on-camera meteorologist. She ended up being the co-host the the afternoon Edition, i m sorry was dubbed Evening Edition at the time. In march 2002, she speak at the 15th annual Working Women"s survive Show, mentioning her career as a meteorologist. She left the network in 2008.


In June 2008, she became the weekday morning on-camera meteorologist because that KXAS-TV in Dallas, Texas after ~ a nationwide find for a replacement for seventeen-year veteran Rebecca Miller. In 2009, NBC 5 Today, the morning news program for KXAS, and also for i beg your pardon Lopez was the meteorologist, winner a Lone Star Emmy Award. In November 2010, she participated in the Spokes for Hope charity event, whereby she helped build bicycles because that underprivileged children. She left KXAS in march 2012.


On April 20, 2013, Lopez went back to The Weather Channel act weather updates during taped programming and also was an on-camera meteorologist on Weather center Live.


Lopez is a member of the American Meteorological society (AMS), whereby she hold the seal the approval in television.

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Personal life

Lopez graduated through a Bachelor of scientific research in telecommunications native Marquette University. Lopez"s second degree to be a Bachelor of scientific research in Meteorology native Florida State University. She and also her husband, a Southwest airline pilot, have actually two daughters.

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