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Hi, We have actually 4476mountvernon.com 365 on-premise. We’re right now experiencing an intermittent worry with our production CRM device where once a user switches come a various business process flow that doesn’t constantly switch till the user refreshes (CTRL + F5) their page, even then it have the right to take more than one refresh prior to the UI is updated.

After comprehensive investigation us now think that this is an concern with 4476mountvernon.com CRM caching certain information on every front finish server, we are running 3 front end servers load well balanced with no affinity, this would define the intermittent state of the problem as that will count on which front end server the user is routed to. We’ve to be unable come repeat the problem on an atmosphere with a non-load balanced system.

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Does 4476mountvernon.com CRM 365 require solitary affinity fill balancing (sticky sessions), every configuration record I have seen argues this? • Is there a way to avoid the server caching or redirect the caching to an outside cache service?

A problem that we have with switching solitary affinity ~ above is that as result of the method in which our customers use the system, the majority of customers within among our customers will all use the same exterior IP address, therefore, landing top top the exact same front finish server. This might lead to two of our larger number of user customers being positioned ~ above one server with little source left, while we have actually two other servers to run with easily accessible resource.