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If friend love a great dad joke, then this is the contents for you. As component of their promotional duties for your new movie Daddy’s home 2, Mark Wahlberg and also Will Ferrell freshly participated in the BBC’s youngsters in need telethon, starring in a skit referred to as Dad hoax or Dad Croak.

(Let’s just overlook for the minute that the film has been wildly panned through the critics, and that it also stars the wonderfully problem Mel Gibson).

“If friend smirk, you room a berk,” says Ferrell, explaining the rules. It’s pretty clear the he has no idea what berk means, however no matter.

Ferrell plainly wins the competition, because nearly everything he says is delightful. But it’s Marky-Mark finding his own jokes hilarious that is important worthy that the dad hoax crown.

“What is E.T. Quick for?” that asks, prior to answering: “He’s got small legs.”

If you chosen that, it’s additionally worth revisiting this similar if much much more profane game the pair played for BBC Radio ago in 2015.

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