How to make Willie Nelson Costume

1Black ShirtStart off your Willie Nelson outfit through a black shirt or tank top.

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2 black color PantsMatch your top with a pair of black pants.
3 Blue, White, and also Red etc StrapMake sure your guitar has a blue, white, and also red strap just like Willie Nelson.
4 Braided blond hair WigLook more like Willie Nelson with his above hairstyle using this braided blond wig.
5 BandanaUse a wrinkles red bandana choose a hairband.
6 Fake White BeardFinish off her look with a fake white beard come look favor Willie Nelson.
7Black HatInstead the a bandana, friend could likewise wear a black color outdoor hat
8Wig and also bandanaa hippie costume accessories

Willie Nelson is one of the most celebrated country singers in the industry, and also his songs favor Red headed Stranger, Stardust, and also Shotgun Willie catapulted him into fame in the 1970s. He has been energetic in the music industry since 1956, and is quiet going strong.

Looking choose Willie Nelson is easy. Just wear a black shirt, a long blond wig tied right into braids, and also a red bandanna about your head.

About Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is not only a celebrated country artist. That is additionally an activist for numerous issues, consisting of helping out American farmer who room in risk of shedding their farms.

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