Our story about former new York City powerhouse WPLJ win a nerve through readers Tuesday. Countless of you take it time to talk about the story here and also send notes to the specialists we quoted. We’re sharing the story again due to the fact that we thought you’d be interested in reading the comment from her colleagues. And, thanks to BIA, we’ve added WPLJ’s estimated revenue indigenous 2010 to 2017.

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2010: $27,100,0002011: $19,100,0002012: $17,700,0002013: $18,600,0002014: $12,900,0002015: $ 8,975,0002016: $10,275,0002017: $10,475,000Source: BIA

And here’s our story native yesterday. Take a look at the comments the follow the story.

When educational Media foundation takes over WPLJ-FM in brand-new York, once the deal to purchase the station from Cumulus closes roughly May or June, the new format will certainly be EMF’s K-LOVE brand. There room no plans for an LMA before that and also Cumulus is to plan a special tribute together the station viewpoints its final days on-air. That will carry to an end a lengthy and, in ~ one time, very successful brand-new York City radio brands. WPLJ launched ago in 1971 and enjoyed decades of success. What went wrong?

To answer that question, us turned to 3 smart programming minds: AC Radio Programming Consultant Gary Berkowitz, previous WABC regimen Director and also current Salem Media spoken Word VP Phil Boyce, and also www.wowfactorradio.com CEO, john Sebastian, who spent a section of his long career at WPLJ. We asked every three just how a terminal so successful can loss so hard?

Berkowitz claims it was a slow and also steady decline for the station. “Slow (but steady) slippage is what problems me many with radio stations. The PLJ loss happened over a long duration of time. It yes, really took a revolve for the worse when they shed Scott Shannon (to CBS-FM). Losing him both on and also off the air affected them negatively. Their morning number did not organize up no one did lock rebound. I provided to commonly hear (about PLJ) that regardless of the ratings, they had an excellent billing. Well, that have the right to only last simply so long and its usually never ever a great sign for the longevity the the station, the brand or the ratings.”

Phil Boyce

Boyce agrees with Berkowitz that the nail WPLJ’s coffin to be the leave with Scott Shannon who retired from WPLJ in 2014 ~ a 23-year operation at the station. “Did they really think WPLJ could withstand the lose of Scott Shannon and survive, or WABC resist the shed of both Rush and also Sean and survive? ns didn’t. It took a couple of years however look what happened. Listeners have actually a poll in these things. Lock voted, and the stations lost because at the end of the day, the characters are bigger than the station, not the other way around.” Shannon was working across the street at WCBS-FM, hosting mornings, one month later.

John Sebastian

Sebastian consulted the terminal in the 80’s. “The sale of WPLJ and imminent change of format is a microcosm the what’s so very wrong with the radio biz. Through assorted format transforms over the years and also neglect of simple station needs for success, this heritage radio station with legendary speak to letters will certainly be no more. It’s a shame, ~ above so plenty of levels. WPLJ has meant so lot to many brand-new Yorkers because that decades. PLJ has a full competitive signal covering the market, yet, in recent times it’s been one of the worst performing FM stations in the NY radio market. In plenty of ways, WPLJ’s death is a tragedy come me personally not to mention to numerous thousands of listeners, for many, during their entire lifespan.”

Boyce speak Radio ink this is what happens when you nothing really recognize what renders a station tick. “What has actually happened come both WPLJ and WABC is sad and also was fairly avoidable. But it’s not simply these two stations. Lot’s that formerly an excellent stations have actually lost your way, and also the stations room not ready or able to make the moves that would deal with it. In many of these instances they began to tinker with success, and also accidentally pulled the legs the end from under the station.”


According to Berkowitz, when capital Cities/ABC own PLJ, they took a chose turn to go complete speed front CHR, against Z100. “At the time, not only were the ratings good, yet they had a solid position in NY. As time went on and also they determined to “go an ext adult” that’s where, in mine opinion, the problem started. Z100 to be the CHR leader and also WLTW was the AC leader. PLJ gained stuck in in between those two, not to cite what occurred when we placed Fresh 102.7 on. Yes an expression. “When you don’t was standing for something, you stand for nothing” and that is what resulted in the PLJ downturn.”

So just how do you avoid this indigenous happening at her station? Berkowitz claims by insisting her station have a strong and definitive position. “Hybrid styles are always a problem, especially when you in a market like NY whereby you have actually many, clearly defined radio stations.

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Again, the troubles really acquire exaggerated as soon as the ratings room slipping but the billing is great and upper management is ok with that. The puts programmers in “safe mode” wherein there is a whole various kind of push on them.”