WWE life ResultsJanuary 23, 2017Cleveland, OhioCommentary: Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and Corey GravesResults by: Adam martin of 4476mountvernon.com

The present opens through a video package highlighting RAW two weeks ago featuring WWE universal Champion Kevin Owens and also Chris Jericho defeating Roman Reigns allowing Jericho to become the new WWE United says Champion.

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Roman Reigns kicks turn off RAW in Cleveland

We walk live come Cleveland. Roman Reigns is out an initial to kick off the show. Reigns enters the ring and has a mic in hand. The shark cage kris Jericho will be placed in at the imperial Rumble this Sunday is in the center of the ring. “In six days the imperial Rumble rolls with the Alamodome.” Reigns talks about over 40,000 civilization going nuts and in the center of the storm will certainly be Jericho locked within a shark cage. That predicts he will be the one holding the WWE universal Championship end his head this Sunday.

WWE global Champion Kevin Owens interrupts and has something come say. WWE United states Champion walks out v Owens as well. Owens asks Reigns if he is delusional and if something occurred to him that has him confused. He bring up last week and how Reigns has actually been powerbombing stars through the notice table for years. Owens states not many world can say they have actually powerbombed Reigns v that notice table. He says just one human has achieved this and also adds, “I…am…the…one.” Reigns claims Owens is the one…who will get whooped in front of his ideal friend.

Jericho claims Reigns is making a the majority of predictions. He has a prediction because that Reigns. “You’re a stupid idiot.” Owens points the end to Jericho that is much more of a fact. Jericho agrees. He claims Reigns most likely thinks it’s walking to it is in funny that he’ll be hanging above the ring in a shark cage. Jericho says what is yes, really funny is when he gave him a Codebreaker and beat him for the United says Championship two weeks ago on RAW. He refers to himself together being a “very sexy pinata” this Sunday and also feels choose teaching Reigns a lesson. Reigns is questioning if that method he it s okay a rematch because that the title. He proposes they have a rematch for the United states Championship tonight. Owens is laughing and tells Reigns he has it. Jericho isn’t happy. Owens says you are good and the he will certainly beat Reigns. He predicts Reigns will be the one locked within the shark cage through the end of the night. Reigns think he’s walk to success the title tonight in Cleveland and beat Owens because that the universal Championship in ~ the imperial Rumble. He states he is other Owens will never ever be: “the guy.”

Adam’s Thoughts: Pretty an excellent opener. Not as good as critical week. I can actually get behind a “Corporate” roman inn Reigns constantly introduce to himself together “the guy” in promos like this. It’s pretty clean his presentation is flat so why not take on the hate?

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Cesaro w/ Sheamus vs. Luke Gallows w/ knife Anderson

Sheamus and Cesaro will defend the WWE raw Tag Team Championships versus Luke Gallows and also Karl Anderson ~ above the royal Rumble Kickoff present this Sunday night. Two referees will certainly be assigned come the complement as a result of what went under last main on RAW.

Cesaro records Gallows through a corkscrew springboard uppercut early. Cesaro verified his strength lifting Gallows turn off the mat and also powering him back down. Gallows with a high earlier body drop on Cesaro. Anderson through a distracting enabling Gallows come hit a big boot.

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Back live, Cesaro connects through a large vertical suplex on Gallows. Cesaro with large uppercuts to Gallows in the corner. Cesaro somehow pulls turn off a tornado DDT native the corner. Gallows pushes Sheamus at ringside. Sheamus stops himself from hitting Gallows to avoid a DQ. Cesaro records Gallows through a boot on the ring apron. Sheamus through a clothesline to Gallows ~ above the exterior with the referee distracted. Cesaro gets a Sharpshooter used on Gallows back inside the ring. ~ above the outside, Anderson takes the end Sheamus through a large kick. Gallows is tapping v the referee distracted by Anderson. Gallows breaks complimentary and levels Cesaro through a superkick and also a facebuster off his shoulder. Gallows it s okay the pinfall.

Winner: Luke Gallows

Backstage, Mick Foley is talking to Stephanie McMahon on a speakerphone. She is surprised Foley granted roman inn Reigns a rematch because that the United claims Championship. Sami Zayn interrupts and also wants a word with Foley apologizing come Stephanie. Zayn wants to recognize when he will certainly be official announced because that the royal Rumble match. Foley is about to approve it when Stephanie interrupts and tells Sami he needs to defeat Seth Rollins tonight to earn his spot. Stephanie desires to it is in taken turn off speakerphone. Foley says he will supply the blog post to Seth also though the doesn’t want to perform it.

Adam’s Thoughts: decent match in between Gallows and Cesaro tonight. An excellent way to hype the tag team championship rematch this Sunday in ~ the imperial Rumble.

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Earlier today, Corey graves spoke v Bayley about her championship enhance with Charlotte this Sunday at the royal Rumble. She states “wow” is the one word that can describe this totality experience so far in WWE. Bayley talks about traveling the only Area wrestling and also she now gets to perform in huge arenas approximately the world. Corey bring up Charlotte criticizing her together nothing an ext than a fan last week. Bayley claims she isn’t embarrassing to it is in a fan. She says the WWE Universe makes her feel favor she deserve to do anything. Bayley talks about having two victories over Charlotte and also plans come walk away with the location on Sunday.

Backstage, Mick Foley talks with Seth Rollins and talks about getting turn off the phone through Stephanie McMahon. Foley said she want to inform him the he has actually a complement next versus Sami Zayn. He brings up this will certainly be Sami’s qualifying match for the imperial Rumble, but adds the if Sami wins that doesn’t just gain a clues in the Rumble, he takes Seth’s spot. Foley adds the doesn’t choose it. Rollins isn’t blaming him and also says he will certainly win this enhance tonight and also go on to victory the Rumble for this reason he deserve to throw that in Triple H’s face.

Adam’s Thoughts: probably one of the most underwhelming promos through Bayley to date. Not a good time for she presentation to be that weak heading right into the Rumble this Sunday.

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If Sami Zayn wins, that takes Seth Rollins’ point out in the imperial Rumble MatchSami Zayn vs. Seth Rollins

Rollins works on the left arm of Zayn early. Rollins slowly Zayn down with a side headlock, shoulder tackle and also roll up because that a two count. Currently Zayn start to work on the left eight of Rollins. Rollins with a big elbow to Zayn. Zayn through a tackle and right hand to Rollins. Rollins mounts Zayn and also gets in rights of his own. Zayn with a big clothesline. Rollins cut off a suicide dive catching Zayn through a shot inside the ring. Rollins tosses Zayn out of the ring and also then connects with a self-destruction dive that his own.

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Back live, Rollins is ago working top top the left eight of Zayn. Zayn connects through a Blue Thunder Bomb because that a close two count top top Rollins. Zayn v knees to Rollins native the corner. Zayn connects through a high cross human body from the top, yet Rollins rolls with for a two count. Zayn records Rollins with a Michinoku Driver for one more close two count. Zayn goes ago up top. Rollins jumps up, gets knocked away, Zayn misses a shot and also Rollins connects with a Blockbuster off the peak turnbuckle for one more two count. Rollins through a huge superkick and also Zayn proper kicks out. Rollins v a Falcon arrow suplex on Zayn for an additional two count. Rollins and also Zayn exchange elbows. Rollins through a big jumping knee and also then connects through a quick clothesline takedown. Zayn counters a Pedigree attempt, springboards turn off the ropes and connects v a tornado DDT. Rollins stays clear of a shot in the corner. Zayn counters one more Pedigree attempt sending out Rollins over the optimal rope to the outside. Zayn is going increase top. Rollins rolls ago in and catches Zayn v a huge kick to the head. Rollins has actually Zayn hooked because that a Pedigree up on the top turnbuckle. Zayn fights out and also connects with peak rope sunset flip powerbomb on Rollins. Rollins kicks out! Zayn can’t think it. Rollins through a absent to the head. Zayn v an exploder suplex to Rollins in the corner. Rollins rolls to the ring apron. Rollins cuts off Zayn with a absent on the ring apron. Rollins with a Pedigree on Zayn end the ring apron! Rollins drops out top top impact. Rollins rolls Zayn earlier inside the ring. Triple H’s music hits. Rollins is staring in ~ the stage. He’s looking about the arena. Rollins leans under to take Zayn. Zayn rolls increase Rollins and also gets the pinfall!

Winner: Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn has actually earned a clues in the 30 guy Royal Rumble enhance this Sunday taking Seth Rollins’ spot. ~ the match, Zayn roll out and also celebrates. Seth Rollins is no happy. Rollins leaves the ring and also heads increase the ramp very angry.

Adam’s Thoughts: Very an excellent match in between Rollins and also Zayn tonight. Started a bit slow, yet really picked up as it progressed. Love the Triple H distraction and the ongoing story the Triple H costing Rollins things prefer the universal Championship and also a clues in the Rumble. Really great segment from WWE tonight.

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Backstage, an angry Seth Rollins is trying to find Triple H. Mick Foley go up and also says the knew nothing around this. Rollins states a year of his life was taken away.

Cruiserweight division Six male Tag MatchAriya Daivari, Tony Nese and Drew Gulak vs. Mustafa Ali, TJ Perkins and also Jack Gallagher

We start with Gallagher and also Daivari. Daivari automatically tags in Gulak. Gallagher through a large arm drag takedown ~ above Gulak. Gallagher with an additional arm drag takedown. Perkins gets the tag and also hits a springboard overcome body. Perkins has Gulak tied up in a submission. Tag to Nese who takes a neckbreaker native Perkins. Perkins v a superkick come Daivari. Nese chokes Perkins increase on the top turnbuckle after tripping the up. Nese drops Perkins end his knee. Nese through a foot scissors top top Perkins. Nese trips up Perkins by the knees and also misses a springboard moonsault native the second rope. Ali v a takedown ~ above Gulak that gets the tag. Ali kicks Gulak in the face and also connects v a jumping neckbreaker. Nese and Daivari rest up the pinfall. Brawling breaks out between Gallagher and also Perkins v Nese and Daivari. Ali access time his reverse 450 splash top top Gulak in the corner for the win.

Winners: Mustafa Alia, TJ Perkins and Jack Gallagher

Austin Aries has joined Cole and Graves ~ above commentary.

The new Day is up next.

Adam’s Thoughts: I just don’t acquire the selling suggest of few of these Cruiserweight guys. The difficult sell video clip package because that Mustafa Ali this main was every the flips he deserve to do. Much more of a background would be helpful. Ali looks like any type of generic indie wrestler you’ve ever seen. The turning back 450 splash to be impressive, yet again – it’s a move. Why must I it is in interested?

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The brand-new Day live in Cleveland

The new Day heads to the ring to a huge reaction in Cleveland. Lock talk about being crude oil interrupted the last few weeks top top RAW. Woods talks around how new Day is walk to win the royal Rumble and also become her W…W…E…Universal…interrupt time.

Out come Enzo Amore and large Cass. Cass says he is officially beginning the royal Rumble enhance this Sunday. Discontinuity time again.

Rusev, Lana and also Jinder Mahal are out next. Rusev calls large E and huge Cass “big goofs.” He marvels why they have to put “big” before the name. A loud “USA” chant breaks out. Rusev claims this isn’t around USA and instead around stupid names. The announces he is likewise officially start the imperial Rumble match.

Here come Titus O’Neil. Xavier Woods lets out a loud, “Oh mine god.” Titus doesn’t want to come out here to cause any type of trouble. He points out just how he isn’t in the royal Rumble match. Big E cut him off v a, “Hold up sucka!” He says Titus promised to never ever annoy castle again. Huge E claims nobody cares. This sets up a 4 man sign team complement tonight. Woods wants to know who will join Titus, Rusev and Mahal. The end comes Braun Strowman.

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Kofi Kingston, huge E, Enzo Amore and big Cass vs. Braun Strowman, Rusev, Jinder Mahal and Titus O’Neil

We return live as Rusev tosses Kofi to the corner and also tags in Mahal that throws a quick elbow. Titus gets the tag and plants Kofi with a scoop slam. Rusev is gaining looked at by employee at ringside. Titus lifts and drops Kofi down face first. Titus gets tossed out and Strowman throws him ago in. Mahal it s okay the tag as large Cass does. Cass v clothesline shots on Mahal and body shots in the corner. Cass with a splash in the edge and huge boot combo ~ above Mahal. Tag come Enzo that goes up top and also connects v a splash. Titus division up the pinfall. Huge E v a belly-to-belly top top Titus. Rusev is back in and catches big E v a knee. Cass then takes the end Rusev. Kofi jumps over the peak rope taking out Titus and also Rusev at ringside. Enzo rolls increase Mahal because that a two count. Enzo with a kick to the head that Mahal. Strowman slaps the head that Mahal tagging himself in. Enzo fires self up and Strowman v a large shoulder tackle on Enzo. Strowman has actually Enzo up on his shoulder, walks about the ring, Enzo fights off, kicks Strowman, Strowman blocks a DDT attempt and then launches Enzo down hard on the mat v a to run powerslam to obtain the pinfall.

Winners: Braun Strowman, Rusev, Jinder Mahal and also Titus O’Neil

After the match, large Show to walk out together Braun Strowman is celebrating. Michael Cole reveals that large Show officially gotten in himself in the imperial Rumble enhance this Sunday. Huge Show start the ring and stares down Strowman. Strowman smiles. Big Show smiles. Strowman then bails out of the ring and also heads increase the ramp.

Adam’s Thoughts: an extremely entertaining promo job-related involving new Day, Enzo Amore, big Cass, Rusev and also Titus O’Neil tonight. Some great reactions by brand-new Day once Titus interrupted. Funny stare under between big Show and Braun Strowman as well.

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WWE United claims ChampionshipChris Jericho (c) w/ Kevin Owens vs. Roman inn Reigns

We get ring introductions for the challenger roman Reigns and also champion chris Jericho.

The bell rings and Reigns with a shot at an early stage Jericho. Reigns sends out Jericho to the outside and sends him right into the ring barricade. Reigns captures Jericho v a journey by dropkick versus the ring apron together Owens watch on at ringside.

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Back live, us hear that Kevin Owens has actually joined commentary with Cole, Saxton and also Graves. Jericho and also Reigns are now earlier inside the ring. Jericho has actually Reigns grounded with a headlock. Jericho records Reigns through a fast dropkick. Jericho through slaps to Reigns. Reigns with slaps ago to Jericho. Jericho goes up top and also Reigns cut him off through an uppercut. Jericho jumps turn off the top turnbuckle and Reigns records him through a shot on the way down. Jericho with best hands after countering an attempted takedown by Reigns. Reigns through a samoan drop on Jericho. Jericho records Reigns with a rapid dropkick because that a two count. Reigns has actually Jericho increase on his shoulders indigenous the corner and also comes down in a sitdown powerbomb for one more two count. Owens leaves commentary. Jericho avoids a spear, but eats a Superman coming off the ropes. Owens hits the ring and also attacks Reigns to reason the DQ as the referee calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ: roman ReignsWinner and still WWE United claims Champion: chris Jericho

After the match, Owens proceeds beating down Reigns through stomps. Owens is calling because that the shark cage to it is in lowered. Chris Jericho is earlier up. Owens puts Reigns within the cage. Reigns pulls both Owens and Jericho face an initial into the cage. Reigns tosses Owens inside and Reigns locks that up with a chain. The cage is locked v Owens inside. Reigns is smiling. The shark cage starts elevating up. Jericho is hanging on. Reigns v a Superman on Jericho. Reigns then connects with a spear together Owens is compelled to watch from above.

Adam’s Thoughts: Pretty median match in between Reigns and also Jericho tonight. They never really appeared to quite gain going and also had a couple of awkward moments. Kevin Owens was pretty entertaining on commentary going after Byron Saxton. Nice way to setup the global Championship match in between Owens and Reigns, albeit quite corny.

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Back live, we check out the shark cage gift lowered and also Chris Jericho help Kevin Owens out. Charly Caruso walks up and also informs them the the WWE universal Championship complement this Sunday at the imperial Rumble will currently be under No DQ rules in addition to Jericho being inserted inside the shark cage over the ring. Owens is not happy around this.

Earlier today, Corey graves spoke with WWE life Women’s Champion Charlotte about the imperial Rumble this Sunday. Charlotte claims “the Flair’s dominate the imperial Rumble” and also brings increase the 1992 royal Rumble the her father won. She talks around how she might be dominating in athletics, however instead chose to concerned WWE. Charlotte states she will proceed to dominate the women’s department in WWE and Bayley will continue being a fan.

Nia Jax is heading come the arena next.

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Nia Jax vs. Ray Lyn

The complement starts with Jax functioning over Lynn in the corner. Jax v a sitdown splash end Lynn near the corner. Jax pulls she out and also gets the cover.

Winner: Nia Jax

After the match, Charly Caruso congratulates Jax on she victory. Jax bring away the mic away and also wants to dedicate her win to the job that offered to be known as Sasha Banks. “What a distinction a month makes.” Jax thinks ESPN should do a 30 for 30 on the death of Banks. Sasha banks walks out on a crutch. Financial institutions gets in the ring and starts cracking the crutch over the human body of Jax. Jax is still up, charges and also Banks pulls under the center rope. Jax is earlier up and also Banks connect with dual knees to the confront of Jax making use of her knee brace.

Footage the a Triple H music distraction earlier tonight is shown costing Seth Rollins his point out in the 30 man Royal Rumble match losing to Sami Zayn.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion rich Swann is in action next.

Adam’s Thoughts: No trouble with a Nia Jax squash tonight. Her promo after the complement left a many to be desired. That sounded favor someone memorizing lines and fully railroading with the crowd reaction.

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Cruiserweight department Match (Non-Title)WWE Cruiserweight Champion wealthy Swann vs. Noam Dar w/ Alicia Fox

Swann with an arm drag toss beforehand Dar. Swann catches Dar through a quick dropkick. Dar hides behind Fox in ~ ringside when he practically jumps out. Swann catches Dar with a large kick to the challenge from the ring apron. Dar captures Swann through a dropkick as he to be getting ago inside the ring as we head come a commercial break.

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Back live, Swann records Dar wtih a collection of clotheslines. Dar v a double stomp over the back of Dar. Swann through a optimal rope huricarana v a release sending Dar off the optimal to the mat below. Swann through a large spin kick that records Dar for the pinfall.

Winner: well-off Swann

After the match, Swann take away a mic and also asks where Neville is at. Neville’s pyro walk off and he top to the ring. Neville teases getting in and then goes come leave. Swann through a self-destruction dive acquisition out Neville. Swann tosses Neville ago in and Neville easily rolls out.

Backstage, we view Goldberg’s locker room. He return next.

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Neville vs. Cedric Alexander takes place tomorrow night on WWE 205 Live.

Backstage, Alexander is asked about his complement with Neville morning night. He wants to emphasis on becoming the WWE Cruiserweight Champion and also put all the nonsense through Alicia Fox and also Noam Dar behind him. Fox walks up and also says he’ll never be anything without her. Dar states he will constantly be a winner with Foxy in his corner. He wants to know if they room good. Alexander claims as much as Fox is concerned, they are good, however points the end Dar assaulted him last week. Alexander pushes that over. Fox is not pleased.

Added come the royal Rumble Kickoff show: Sasha financial institutions vs. Nia Jax.

Goldberg return to RAW before the royal Rumble

The music hits. We watch a shoot of Goldberg backstage heading to the ring. The headbutts the door. Goldberg is bleeding a bit because of that. The pyro goes off. Tepid reaction for Goldberg in Cleveland tonight throughout his entrance. Goldberg take away a mic. Cleveland wakes up v a loud “GOLDBERG” chant.

Goldberg beginning talking about the royal Rumble and loses his train that thought. He restarts the promo and talks around the roadway to WrestleMania going through the Rumble. Goldberg points come the ago and says the 29 men who will be in the ring this Sunday inside the Alamodome…you…are…Paul heyman interrupts.

Heyman walks out on stage with a mic in hand. He says no matter what number is drawn this Sunday, you have the right to see Goldberg vs. Maybe Randy Orton, Braun Strowman and also whatever surprise entrant they could have prepared in the back. Heyman likewise points the end Goldberg could come face-to-face v Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar walks the end on stage to a large reaction. Heyman states this Sunday night in the royal Rumble complement he will certainly be “beaten, victimized, emasculated, embarrassed, eviscerated, humiliated…conquered.” he adds Goldberg won’t be got rid of by just anyone ~ above the roster. Goldberg interrupts and also says he knows Lesnar’s name. Goldberg dares Lesnar come come down to the ring right now. Lesnar starts walking down the ramp. Lesnar circles the ring. Lesnar gets inside the ring. The lights go out. The gong hits.

The lights return. The Undertaker is stand in the middle of the ring v both Lesnar and also Goldberg! The group goes crazy in Cleveland together the show concerns a close.

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Adam’s as whole Thoughts: poor Goldberg literally forgot his lines on live television. Doesn’t get any kind of worse 보다 that. I provided on Twitter that tonight was the night of an extremely underwhelming promos. You can include Goldberg to the list, but you’d like to offer him the benefit of the doubt being the end of the video game for for this reason long. An extremely cool ending with a surprised appearance by The Undertaker. Cleveland wasn’t expecting it and the reaction was outstanding. Despite the cool ending, this to be a an extremely average initiative by WWE tonight. The Rumble has tendency to be a an extremely entertaining show so the pretty lot sells it me at this suggest so I highly doubt a weak go-home show will do anything come hinder interest.