I prospered up in the Northeastern us where the usage of the expression "all set" to mean "ready" or "finished" is common.

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An instance would be, "Are you all set with that?" (perhaps if pointing come an unfinished meal)

Another example would be, "Are we all set?" (as in "Are we prepared to go?")

I never offered it a 2nd thought until a friend from California called me the the intake of "all set" yes, really threw the off when he moved to the Northeast. He had actually never heard the usage prior to ... Therefore my curiosity.

Is the use of "all set" exclude, to details regions in the US? Is it offered at every in great Britain?

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I have actually grown up and lived many of mine life in the us northeast, in particular brand-new England, much more specifically Massachusetts. The expression "all set" has plenty of meanings which can vary based ~ above the context. The subtleties are easily lost on many folks, countless of whom might be see it together a written, no spoken, expression.

It can really well average you room "ready" (occasionally, one might simply use the word "set" alone):

for an upcoming event

to depart or acquire going

It also can typical "finished" or "completed":

with the dinner plate, the server deserve to clear it currently that you room not using it

the server might offer coffee or dessert but you might want come just acquire the check and also leave

with the tool, you have the right to borrow it there is no hindering my progress

It can mean "not inquiry assistance" or "not request (further) merchandise":

just browsing/loitering and not help from salesperson/librarian/security/other

after regaining composure, maybe after an accident, fall, ns of temper

It deserve to mean "the matter is resolved":

shopkeeper: "You space all set." The transaction is complete, the customer deserve to go.

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restaurant patron: "This (check) is every set." The money readily available for the examine will pay in full and the wait staff deserve to keep the readjust as gratuity, no adjust required.

repair person: "It"s all set now." The article is repaired. (The customer must ask because that clarification to make certain that what to be requested has actually been provided.)

As presented above, the countless ambiguities for this catch-all expression depend upon who is speaking and also in what circumstance. It is mine opinion that because the phrase deserve to be vague, it keeps world communicating. Overly precise language deserve to stifle interaction by crowding out chance for humorous misunderstanding, really two-way dialogues where questions and also answers are exchanged, and also the capability to check out anther"s point of see by forcing oneself to perceive a instance from a perspective various other than your own.