I adjusted my avatar twice and also now I need to wait to change it again. (You are changing your avatar as well fast. Try again later). Why is that also a thing? ns can readjust my avatar as plenty of times together I desire in Curse Voice or Skype.

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Actually i wouldn't require to change it twice if Discord sustained resizing and postioning of our picture, prefer Curse. I wanted to gain the snapshot framed simply right, i m sorry is what lead me to readjust my avatar double in the very first place...


Why this...? I readjust my snapshot a lot to make certain it's cropped fine or simply to test a bunch in a heat sometimes. It's so stupid, I have the right to understand restricting names however this requirements to be gotten rid of imo.

You deserve to preview the avatar as lot as you want in your user settings page... The price limit just takes impact once girlfriend hit "save"


Yea, mines operated again in around 10 minutes. Tho no idea why it have to be restricted though. The not prefer we can abuse it choose our usernames.

I can't even resize my symbol to perfection due to the fact that I to be GODDAMN SONIC and also I'M an altering MY icon TOO FUCKING FAST.

Discord what in the hell is wrong v you?

This needs to it is in addressed. Remove this profile upload border nonsense. No other application does this. What a pain

I'm just gonna leave this here. Https://i.gyazo.com/945a102af9fae6d5ac1d73585b6ca295.png This is how Steam's interface looks at any time you're transforming your profile picture on your profile. It screens how it looks in every variation that it will ever before be displayed. I recognize Discord likes having great functionality and also a good interface, therefore if they were wondering around an elegant solution to this, Steam's way of doing the is a good one.


The exact same thing just happened come me! currently I have this stupid looking snapshot that's horribly cropped stuck as my avatar.

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