Why space you goodYou to be where? with who ?Mmm. Forreal? oh really? That"s exactly how you feel?( and the men be choose )CHORUSAskin" all them concerns x2why you questioning all castle questionsmaking statements; assuming?Askin" every them concerns x2why you questioning all them questionsmaking statements; assuming?Mmm. Whereby you been?how much- how m-how much did friend spend?yea ns trust you. Currently unlock your phone.Uh- uh, UH-UHwho is this, HOE?See why friend playing through me? That"s the same reason why girlfriend ain"t remaining with me.You tryna get up in this draws, friend ain"t laying with me.I ain"t also tryna hear what girlfriend sayin" to me.So simply grab your stuff, struggle the door.Go chill with them various other girls. The is why she weave stank. Talkin" "bout some beach curls.Please. She ratchet. That"s why I"m pregnant, and you the pappy! AH-HA.Lookin" stupid that"s what you get. Walkin" round" here lyin" thinking that girlfriend slick.But girlfriend dumb. Girlfriend stupid!Oh DON"T friend TALK as soon as I"M TALKINGYou better mute it!Now unlock your phone. Allow me see them pictures.I"m gon" inspect your Facebook and also Imma check your twitter and also I bet it phone call meWhere? who?You been where? with who ?Mmm. Forreal? five really? That"s just how you feel?CHORUSAskin" all them inquiries x2Why you asking all lock questions,making statements; assuming?Askin" every them questions x2Why you asking all them questions,making statements; assuming?Girl, why you buggin?Oh, who dat girl?That"s simply my cousin.You wanna understand the truth?And exactly how I feel?Stop tweet watchin", so I understand it"s real.Girl ain"t nobody lyin" come you.I ain"t acquired no secrets, ns ain"t hidin" indigenous you.But friend still wanna examine my phone. And my tweets.Findin" out who I"m talk to and also who I"m tryin" to meet.What you said you pregnant? Heh heh that ain"t mine!I wrapped that up! That"s exactly how I know you lyin".What friend think I"m dumb?You think I"m stupid?You think ns love you? perform I look favor cupid?Hold on! Lemme view your pictures! Lemme check your Facebook!Whats the password to your twitter?You wanna DM. You tryna check out him, at 7 pm, this weekend,So he deserve to put it every on you.You ain"t slick! friend ain"t slick!Where? who?You to be where? v who ?Mmm. Forreal? oh really? That"s exactly how you feel?CHORUSAskin" every them inquiries x2why you asking all them questionsmaking statements; assuming?Askin" every them inquiries x2why you questioning all them questionsmaking statements; assuming?Whateva, whateva n*gga!What you gon" do? You just mad because you got caught.You dirty. Yo" dirty ass.

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Girlfriend diiirty.( and also the guys always flexin" prefer they gon" hit "em )Man- acquire your hand out my challenge shorty. Man-somebody much better get em! ns ain"t playin"!( and the girls always wanna beef over the internetthey"ll to speak something favor )And tell that thirsty trick you with,

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