Jeff Goldblum's Hilarious "You go It" Meme explained Jeff Goldblum is no stranger come memes and his Jurassic Park character Ian Malcolm has inspired many; here’s the story behind the “You did It” meme.

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Jurassic Park Jeff Goldblum
Jeff Goldblum is no stranger come memes however the Jurassic Park-inspired “You walk It” is just one of the funniest – this is the hilarious picture explained. Jeff Goldblum’s Dr. Ian Malcolm is there is no a doubt the biggest character the Jurassic Park franchise has spawned. Not only is he the epitome of cool – sauntering about Isla Nublar in his animal leather jacket and all-black getup – he’s also the initial movie’s main voice of reason and the only character who really inquiries whether john Hammond (Richard Attenborough) producing a design template park full of cloned dinosaurs to be a responsible point to do.

The suave mathematician/chaos thinker is likewise the guy behind few of Jurassic Park’s ideal one-liners. Native “I’m constantly on the lookout because that a future ex-Mrs Malcolm” come “That is one huge pile that s***”, Ian Malcolm boasts some of the many quotable present in the franchise. He’s also proved come be among Jurassic Park’s most meme-worthy characters, motivating a entirety host of hilarious content from the “Life, Uh, find A Way” and also “Shirtless Jeff Goldblum” memes to a ten-minute long video of Ian Malcolm laughing top top a loop.

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One the the funniest Jeff Goldblum/Ian Malcolm mim out over there is “You go It.” The image takes its name from a scene early in Jurassic Park film once Malcolm, Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) and also Alan grant (Sam Neill) encounter their very first dinosaur – a brachiosaurus – and Malcolm remarks “You go it. Friend crazy boy of a bitch, girlfriend did it,” express his disbelief and also awe that man Hammond has actually regulated to clone the primitive beast.

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According come Know your Meme, the “You walk It” meme increased to popularity in between 2017 and 2019 v screenshots, videos and also GIFs of the Jeff Goldblum scene being offered as a reaction photo to convey the exact same disbelief and also awe Malcolm felt at see his very first dinosaur. Very early and particularly hilarious example came in late 2017 as soon as Instagram user
drgrayfang post a picture of the scene v the famed quote and an accompanying inscription that review “When you s***faced and get your Uber driver to stop at McDonald’s.”

Even Jeff Goldblum himself is in top top the “You go It” meme. In September 2019, Goldblum posted picture of himself and his Jurassic Park co-stars Laura Dern and also Sam Neill in addition to his immortal line to celebrate your forthcoming reunion in the franchise’s next movie Jurassic World: Dominion, which is set for a summer 2021 release.