One of plenty of riddles on social media is the ‘You get in a bedroom’ one. But, what is the answer?

During the lockdown period, people found brand-new ways to save themselves busy and entertained. 

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Some kicked off their tiktok careers with dance challenges, while numerous chose the lull of your sofa v Netflix, Amazon prime or Disney+. 

Others, however, prefer to be challenged which is why they turned come the help of puzzles and riddles. But once you get hooked through one riddle, you save coming for more.

One the the latest riddles is the ‘You go into a bedroom’ which has left countless scratching your heads. 


‘You get in a bedroom’ riddle explained 

The riddle walk as: 

You go into a bedroom. There room 34 people. You death 30. How plenty of are in the bedroom?

Have you currently guessed the answer? If you struggling, discover the answer under below…

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Answer: ‘You get in a bedroom’ riddle

The price is 35 people!

You go into a room through 34 people, and also including you, that makes totally 35 of girlfriend in the bedroom. 

The inquiry asks girlfriend how plenty of people, not how many world who space alive, so numerous have got perplexed over that and came up v 4 or 5 instead.

And this riddle is one of many that has actually people arguing on society media as some can’t acquire to terms through the answer (strong language below).

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yOu go into a BEdRoOm and ThErE space 34 world fuck off

— take care of Wilkins (
Harry1wilkins) April 28, 2020

Twitter reacts to the riddle

This riddle has actually caused arguments among Twitter individuals as some can’t get their heads roughly the answer.

Many have claimed the riddle is nonsense together the answer no make any kind of sense come them.

Others have actually taken to the society media app, saying that they’ve shed after getting challenged by your friends.

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I lost to

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PrincessDea13 here’s a riddle because that you all.You go into a bedroom, there are 34 people. You kill 30. How countless are in the bedroom?