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Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster Capsule GB is a strategy RPG and is based turn off of among the many games featured in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga/anime series.

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The Monster Capsules (MCs) are based turn off of the monsters from the cards for the Duel monsters series. The most renowned ones were made as MCs and also used in this game.

The game picks up quickly after among the chapters/episodes that the first series wherein Seto Kaiba is defeated at a rigged tournament called DEATH-T and also his mental is shattered together the consequence of his actions. Kaiba has some just how awakened and also lures Yugi Mutou, in addition to his friends and family, to “Duel Tower”. Over there he catches their souls right into clay dolls and also forces Yugi to play in his tournament to conserve them.

The user is offered items referred to as Star Chips which are supplied as currency to purchase brand-new MCs, as well as using them together ante to battle against the various other tournament participants.

Many the the collection notable characters show up in the game as participants in the tournament. No genuine reason is given regarding why they are there. They just are. This occasionally is weird considering some characters personalities in the collection portrays them together anti-social and paranoid.

Battling takes location on a 6×6 grid where each user bring away turns relocating one MC one space a turn and also then is able come attack. Every MC has a different assault pattern that is used throughout battles. One MC can be may be to assault three spaces in a straight line, when others have actually a W shaped pattern. Because of this, not having actually a an excellent ‘formation’ collection at the begining of a fight can attract out a fight for fairly a couple of extra turns.

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Translation Description:

Not an extremely much is interpreted at all. Not even the menus space really translated. The advent is, though, together is many of the an initial floor, however that isn’t going to gain you really far into the game. I imply you wait for a patch relax which has more stuff (preferably functional stuff, favor menus) translated.

ROM / ISO Information:

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Monster Capsule GB (Japan).gbc - NOINTROCRC32: 1371E872MD5: B980DA92693762BD3A7A4791FE08766ESHA-1: 4ED5607DD83EBE7975C492B08D36870F8DD6E302SHA-256: DAF4055A1E873944130B0E3E4A61ED9991831FB66A7C91AE52FCA7DA0E2D61DB





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