I’m skeptical to just label a queer ship canon. I’ve to be baited much too numerous times. Yet guys, Yuri on Ice has delivered.

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Since the begin of the show, the lead personalities of Yuri top top Ice have been extraordinarily shippable. I often tend to prevent sports anime because I don’t want to it is in bombarded through fan company with no payoff, yet a trusted sports anime friend insisted the this display felt different.

I join in roughly episode 3 and it didn’t feel like baiting to me. That felt like a slow burn BL story. Would it salary off, though? sporting activities anime has actually a poor reputation in that field and I was terrified I’d obtain burned.

But no, friends, Yuri top top Ice walk it. They make the queer delivery canon. Yuuri and also Victor room officially a thing, folks. And also it’s not ambiguous come me. They kissed on the lips live on worldwide television in ~ the China Cup. And also that to be after they were presented sleeping in the exact same bed and several illustration after Yuuri confessed his love on national television.

But hey, if those weren’t enough, we obtained a kiss and also it’s really hard to refuse we space seeing a legit queer romantic play out in a sports anime.

Despite this, there space still detractors. There are some people out over there insisting that it’s a hug and also nothing more. We check out Victor diving in the direction of Yuuri, their lips inch apart, and then he shuts his eyes, yet we never ever see the lips do contact. This has been primarily attributed come censorship ~ above Japanese television. The creators have declared that Yuri on ice cream barely pass the network censors.

There’s speculation the the only method they might get queer protagonists on display in a display that wasn’t explicitly labeled together BL/Yaoi to be to hide the kiss behind Victor’s sleeve. This is simply speculation, the course, and their next smooch can be portrayed full on there is no a damn arm blocking the shot. (Have you checked out the preview because that the next episode? to mark for spoiler: that tie pull is something else).

Despite the obstructed watch of the kiss, the was undoubtedly a kiss. Fans have actually gone all the end to illustrate such.

theory confirmed.#yurionice pic.twitter.com/x7wPTIHvpB

— Adriana DLT (
Akimaro) November 17, 2016

For everyone doubting the kiss scene ns did the 3d come ease her minds the the kiss was actual pic.twitter.com/FHmc7QP3wp

— フー (
FuuuPH) November 17, 2016

But if the 3-D models and sketches aren’t enough, just watch the scene yourself and also be the judge.

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THEY KISSED. I’M SCREAMING. #yurionice pic.twitter.com/gTkZw5ShZE

— Von (
swknusnpnk) November 16, 2016

So congratulations, Yuri on Ice fandom. We did it! ours ship has actually sailed and also we’re only halfway with the first season.