Alternative : The Principle of a Philosopher by Eternal Fool "Asley"; Yuukyuu no Gusha Asley no, Kenja no Susume: to, Pochi no Daibouken; Вечно живущий дурень-мудрец «Азли»; 悠久の愚者アズリーの、賢者のすゝめ

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Yuukyuu no Gusha Asley no, Kenja no Susume summary:

When he was young, he had failed at the Magic Academy and was looked down by others.However by chance, he discovered a mythological medicine, so he obtained an immortal body.In order to get revenge on the people who made fun of him, he began researching magic and magical artifacts different from the academy. After 5000 years of research, he has become an ancient magic user before he noticed.The people he was seeking revenge were long gone, losing his purpose, Asley went on a journey to see the world after 5000 years with his familiar Pochi.With an unexpected turn of events after helping many humans, he is now living at the magic academy.A 5000 year old man with a young appearance Asley, how will he live his second life’s youth?- Based on a Novel
Maybe coming in the next issueYuukyuu no Gusha Asley no, Kenja no Susume chapter 39Yuukyuu no Gusha Asley no, Kenja no Susume chapter 40
Chapter nameViewTime uploaded
Vol.6 Chapter 3824,160Feb-24-21
Vol.6 Chapter 3719,766Feb-06-21
Vol.6 Chapter 3614,978Feb-06-21
Vol.6 Chapter 3524,382Oct-21-20
Vol.6 Chapter 3420,726Sep-23-20
Vol.6 Chapter 3314,760Sep-23-20
Vol.6 Chapter 3221,968Jul-31-20
Vol.5 Chapter 3118,826Jun-26-20
Vol.4 Chapter 3055,926Mar-25-20
Vol.4 Chapter 2952,166Mar-17-20
Vol.4 Chapter 2868,550Jan-26-20
Vol.4 Chapter 2765,166Dec-12-19
Vol.4 Chapter 2674,149Oct-21-19
Vol.4 Chapter 2570,101Oct-06-19
Vol.4 Chapter 2471,405Sep-09-19
Vol.4 Chapter 2379,157Aug-29-19
Vol.4 Chapter 2281,752Jul-30-19
Vol.4 Chapter 2178,684Jul-10-19
Vol.4 Chapter 2083,277Jul-07-19
Vol.3 Chapter 1978,348Jul-02-19
Vol.3 Chapter 1874,446Jun-30-19
Vol.3 Chapter 1781,440Jun-24-19
Vol.1 Chapter 1680,951Jun-09-19
Vol.1 Chapter 1571,905Jun-08-19
Vol.1 Chapter 1479,250Jun-03-19
Vol.1 Chapter 1387,975May-31-19
Vol.1 Chapter 1280,192May-30-19
Vol.1 Chapter 1180,729May-25-19
Chapter 10 78,099May-22-19
Chapter 974,298May-21-19
Vol.1 Chapter 874,353May-16-19
Vol.1 Chapter 770,019May-16-19
Chapter 691,870Apr-30-19
Chapter 585,612Apr-18-19
Chapter 488,914Apr-09-19
Vol.1 Chapter 376,490Apr-09-19
Vol.1 Chapter 278,598Apr-09-19
Vol.1 Chapter 1131,410Apr-09-19

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