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Help me pleaseI'm blinded by mine tears and I just can't seeSo numerous devils tryin come recycle mine soulCause in the ghetto wherein I'm from ain't no confident rolesJust niggas and also hoesSend me a signJust to let a nigga understand that he to be on ya mindMmmmmm...Hmm, shit simply be therefore fucked up out right here in these roads mayneYou feel me? directly upThis is the sea the life, and I'm drowninI recognize I can swim, yet feel prefer I store sinkin under inThese waters and also I cain't breathe, ns feel like I'm gon' punch itI deserve to see civilization holdin a life jacket however they won't litter itEntertained by mine struggle and also they'd love to view me dieWhy not love to watch me live rather of helpin my household cry?Like a homeless human being with a sign, ns would job-related for foodAin't no dead in bein helpless it's a component of payin duesOn an daily mission tryin to collect 5's and 10'sSo many worries I promise mine bones display right through my skinFancy cars and also a mansion? that ain't never been mine goalA hooptie would certainly be fine, plus somewhere warm when it's coldI understand what it feel like, not to be able to call the shotsHave a pen however no time come connect, every the dotsTherefore I perform what I deserve to do and also then get down on my kneesCause i can't make it by my lonely, Jesus help a nigga please
Yeah, much love come everybody doin timeUp in Pam Lychner state jail, friend digSeem choose soon as I'm findin pleasure the joy's goneKickin it through Steve Francis, Mike Tyson and Roy JonesI waited my entirety life to be somebodyBut currently I've gotta obtain a visit simply to watch somebodyI'm in this every white, reminscin all night, but my cousin Trae'sWreakin havoc in this laboratory game, for this reason it's alrightGrandmother and also my Auntie gettin whatever they needTrae's an angel in mine eyesight, a true friend in needWhile I'm waitin for heaven, I watch hell and also smell the flamesGod send Abraham to easily snatch me native this painI don't yes, really wanna die, simply need a, change of sceneryI done see too plenty of killings as with my vision is typical to meAnd my eye don't favor me, and my soul wanna leaveI'm persecuted everyday by mine friends the ain't easyI carry out what I deserve to do and also then get down on my kneesI have actually so countless enemies, Lord would certainly you help me pleaseNigga fuck Precinct 5, nigga and fuck Officer ThorntonberryPunk-ass bitches, uhhTryin to make it through for me, is choose chasin the windYou understand you ain't never gon' catch it so why bother lettin yo' knees bendI shot to stay around some realness, brothers and sisters holla if you feel thisIf hurt and also misery is who you cool withMo City my hood that forever be my blockNever assumed I'd see the day it'd hand me end to the copsWhere the love from mine homeboys, i love y'all tooI to be the tugboat to ya problems cause I medicine y'all throughJust one concern dawg, how might you execute me prefer that? i took your family inI placed some cash in ya pocket, made you a male againBut currently it's choose you never knew meWouldn't take the fall for yall so currently yall wanna carry out meI made it up the end the hood and I ain't comin backUnless I'm brangin Lil' ceo to obtain a hundreds sackNigga I'm gon' carry out what I'm gon' do and then get down on mine kneesAnd do a pair of G's, yet in God name, aid a nigga come succeed